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The Human Race is a Wonderful Thing it it Not?

D is for determination. Facing obstacles,

And never giving up. If we did would we be here today?

Because of this the human race dances in the light of excellence.


Equality, is when all our brothers and sisters,

No matter the colour of their skin or age,

Are able to walk in the sun as one. This is

What makes the human race shine with excellence.


All the people who hav...

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It's All About the Eyes

The window of a soul,

Is nothing more nor less,

Than the eyes of one's self,

The eyes of another.


They reveal so much,

Even what you wish to conceal.

You can cover with a smile,

Only real if it meets the eyes.


You learn so much,

From emotions they hold

Memories that will last,

Those to be forgot

Likes and dislikes of one's;

food, art culture and lif...

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Chapter 1

It is raining like it does most days. Today is especially cold accompanied by a strong breeze whipping my light purple shoulder length hair in my face. I am drenched and I have only been outside for five minutes. It’s unbelievable. My name is Illyria by the way. Illyria Swayne. I am seventeen years old, tall, slender, I have amber eyes and a light tanned complexion with a few light fr...

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Chapter 2

“Cass why don’t you just try calling him it would save us plenty of time” I calmly suggest.

“Yes, okay you’re right” Cass sighs finally caving.

I can tell Cass is still quite frustrated though because she has started to pace up and down which is giving me a headache. The reason for her pacing in the first place is Eddie. He’s not here yet and we have been standing outside of the...

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She looks like you

She talks like you




Every day that has passed.


She nods without fail

With a smile worn out

Agreeing to silently disagree

Every day that has passed

Every day that is to come.


She who is you

Never weeps

 Nor frowns

You play your part

Perfect in front of your audience.


You nod

You smile


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  Chapter one


Spring has finally arrived. A clear, blue sky with the sun shining down and the trees in full bloom. The blossom is a mixture of a dark, rich pink and a lighter pink all meshed with white blossom which little girls loved to put in their hair. It’s warm this morning " about 90o Fahrenheit. Sitting under an oak tree, pulling out strands of lush green grass, I’m dressed in my de...

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Words Unspoken

Eyes drawn to each other
Quicker at looking away
Fleeting glances
You think i don't see.

I am no longer blind
So i notice;
How you cheer for me from afar
And how you remember all i do.

You have something you want to say
You bite your lip
Stopping the words from escaping
Just what am i to you?

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Should I or Shouldn't I?

Words at the ready,
That my lips never utter.
Thoughts and opinons formed,
But never anounced outloud.

What i think,
And what i say
Could not be any further apart
Then they already are.

What i want to say
What i should say
What i do say
The anwser is always wrong.

It makes no difference
If you say what you mean
Or refrain from these outbursts of truth
The end result is still the sam...

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Just Listen

People everywhere are afraid,
Afraid to stop and just listen.
They fear the only thing they will hear
Is the silence.

If they forget the silence and just listen
They will hear;
The bird songs at the early hours of dawn,
The crashing of waves,
The whisper of secrets,
And so much more.

Silence occurs from egos,
Who only think if themselves.
Just listen and you will hear voices,
Other th...

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Change can be good and bad

As we stumble from childhood to adulthood

The journey from one to the other is murky

And unclear.


Why should you have to change the things that

Give you your identitiy?

And the very definition of you?


Otherwise you become lost

And wouldn't be you

All that's left is a strnager

With your memories.

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Dark Moon

From darkness comes light
Where light shines darkness follows
Dark and light
There can never be one without the other.

The line that separates light from darkness
Ying from yang begins to blur
The battle between the two rages on
Leaving nothing but an empty shell of what used to be.

A broken world where only rain sheds tears
Washing away the pain we cannot
The price we pay
Left behind i...

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Looking From the Outside

Looking at this photograph a stranger stares back at me. She has turquoise eyes, straight, long caramel hair with a sweeping fringe, faint barely noticeable freckles. Her hair is cut in layers so that it carefully frames her face. In the picture she is smiling a full on smile showing her teeth which are perfectly straight. She is of average height and thin but curvy. She could even ...

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