Chapter 1

It is raining like it does most days. Today is especially cold accompanied by a strong breeze whipping my light purple shoulder length hair in my face. I am drenched and I have only been outside for five minutes. It’s unbelievable. My name is Illyria by the way. Illyria Swayne. I am seventeen years old, tall, slender, I have amber eyes and a light tanned complexion with a few light freckles across my face.

I am walking down the isolated street on my way to my favorite restaurant.  The sky is filled with black, angry looking clouds. I have to look at the ground because I can’t actually see when I look up as the rain hits me in the face. Hard. I look up and see I am walking the last few feet to the door of the restaurant.

I start to feel a tightening in my stomach and a little nausea. I speed up and start to push open the door. I feel a weird tingling sensation go throughout all my body touching every fiber of my being. It feels amazing yet slightly scary at the same time. The coolest thing I have ever felt in my entire existence. And just as quickly as it happened it ended. It feels like I was soaring through the heavens and now I have crashed onto Earth. I shake my head and take a deep breath before I finish opening the rest of the door.

Okay wow. They must have redecorated the place while I was away. It definitely looks different I don’t know how I never noticed. The walls are mahogany, there is an area for laptops and studying and the bar at the front has stools all along it and there’s him. Oh he must be a new employee here. And he is coming my way. He is tall, has a broad build you can tell he plays sport, golden brown hair and deep ocean blue eyes that you could drown in.

“Illyria what are you doing here? I really don’t have time for your snide comments today!” he yells at me. He is now standing in front of me having to slouch slightly to match my height as he towers over me.

“I…I…Do I even know you?” I ask cautiously.

“Oh yeah that’s real mature and are you wearing a wig cause I swear your hair wasn't like that a minute ago?” obvious annoyance on his face.

“What? No I was born like this” I reply feeling slightly defensive, confused, frustrated and angry.

“Whatever, come on Illyria I think it’s time you left” he says turning he around shooing me towards the door. I look round frantically trying to find a face I recognize but there is no-one. Not even one of the waiters or waitresses they all look new.

“I…I…wait” I try to plea with this boy I have never met before in my life. But it is too late as I turn around the door slams shut in my face. The boy is standing there making little ‘go away’ motions with his hands. I turn back around and it is only then that I realize the sun is shining although it was pouring down with no signs of stopping a couple of minutes ago. I glance up and down the street but recognize nothing everything looks different than it did a moment ago. Only one thought swims around in my mine. Where the hell am i?

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