The Human Race is a Wonderful Thing it it Not?

D is for determination. Facing obstacles,

And never giving up. If we did would we be here today?

Because of this the human race dances in the light of excellence.


Equality, is when all our brothers and sisters,

No matter the colour of their skin or age,

Are able to walk in the sun as one. This is

What makes the human race shine with excellence.


All the people who have reached their ambitions in life,

Are the ones who care enough to fight for what they want. Some may

Say this is all madness.

Is that so? I believe not, I believe this all comes down to inspiration.

The thousands and millions who have inspired others to do,

Great, wonderful things. This is what makes the human race bathe in



Courage is a thing in which the human race does not lack.

Courage is Davis versus Goliath,

A mouse versus a lion,

And in this particular aspect the human race is full of it.

The human race knows courage only too well,

Some may say courage is a fools’ luck.

Excellence beams down on the human race,

For they are selfless.


Respect is like a mirror,

If you can’t respect yourself,

Then you cannot respect others.

The human race are good at this also.

How good at this no one will ever know.

Yet they still glow with excellence forever more.


Friendship is the strongest and

The strangest bond mankind has ever known.

It is what has brought us all together.

We all live our lives in mixed groups,

Never doubting the trust of one another,

This only makes the bond forever unbreakable.

Still the light never dulls on the human race.

Excellence? What does this word really mean?

I can only think of one word that truly sums

Up the meaning of excellence: the human race.

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