Chapter 2

“Cass why don’t you just try calling him it would save us plenty of time” I calmly suggest.

“Yes, okay you’re right” Cass sighs finally caving.

I can tell Cass is still quite frustrated though because she has started to pace up and down which is giving me a headache. The reason for her pacing in the first place is Eddie. He’s not here yet and we have been standing outside of the cinema waiting for well over an hour. He has probably forgotten what time the movie starts, either that or he isn't even out of bed yet. Or both.

“I am going to kill him. He has only just got out of bed” Cass growls.

It is a good thing that Eddie is not here right now because if looks could kill he would be dead or in desperate need to run for his life.

“I've told him if he is not here in twenty minutes then we are going in without him” Cass says folding her arms making it clear that her decision is final.

Cass is still ranting about Eddie talking at like 100mph but I’m not concentrating on what she is saying or even her really. I am busy staring at the road and the scene about to take place. A child no older than five runs out into the middle of the road. The child is a girl with light blonde curly hair to her shoulders. A red car comes round the corner too fast headed in the direction of the child who seems to be frozen in place. The car is gaining speed. The girl stares at the car with wide, terrified blue eyes.

Before I even know what I am doing I am running in the direction of the girl. Cass has started shouting something behind me in a high tone of voice. I ignore her. My only mission is to get to the girl although it is impossible I have to try. I push myself harder to the point where I cannot run any faster. I reach the child scooping her up in my arms and bring her close to my body. The car is right on top of us now and there is nothing I can do. I close my eyes.

Ouch. That hurt. I feel pain throbbing up one side of my body. I open my eyes. I am lying on the other side of the road the child still in my arms her own little arm wrapped around my neck.

“Sami! Sami! Are you okay?” Cass asks helping me up her face frantic with worry.

“Erm…. Ye….Yes” I say not really sure what just happened.

“Wow you must be a faster runner than I thought because looked impossible” Cass says oblivious to the truth.

That’s the thing it really was impossible. There was no way we could have made it. At least not on our own anyway. Which we weren't. Something got there faster and knocked me out of the way. It wasn't a demon as vampires can sense demons. Even though I am part human I still possess the ability to sense demons. All I can tell is this creature is special. More importantly it has a soul.


Chapter 3

It is 6:30 in the morning. Normally we would have an extra hour and a half in bed but we have all been called into the Grand Hall for some announcement. What for I sure as hell don’t know and neither does anyone else. I am walking on my own at the moment as my dorm is on the second floor and Cass is on the fourth floor. As for Eddie he is on the other side of the school.

I am pretty early as there is next to no-one about. Walking down the corridors of ANON is quite relaxing; you feel a sense of pride wash over you. I love the way sunlight pours through the windows leaving no creepy shadows or dark corners. I have reached the Grand Hall and can hear the clanging of plates and the low murmur of tired voices. I take a plate and have decided on two rounds of jam on toast this morning. I take my usual place look up as I start to eat my breakfast. Cass and Eddie are now here and walking this way. I see Cass has been sensible and chosen cereal whereas Eddie well… I can tell you now he is going to throw up after first period. Eddie is having way too much sugar this early in a morning and more than possible to consume I’m sure.

“Hey Sami” Eddie just about murmurs followed by a long yawn.

“Morning Eddie” I reply.

“Hi” Cass mumbles her eyes half closed. She is definitely not a morning person.

“Sami do you have any idea what this is about?” Eddie asks like I have the answers to everything.

“No I doubt anybody does.”

Everyone is here now and suddenly gone quiet.

“Good morning students I am sorry you have to be out of bed this early but I have an announcement I would like to make” comes a loud, clear voice filled with authority easily carrying throughout the room. This would be why everyone has gone silent. The headmistresses just walked in. She is about 5’10, has toned muscles, an open oval face, a button nose, big round green eyes and hair as dark as a raven pulled back into a bun with a few strands of hair escaping framing her face.

“Right now that I have your attention I would like to introduce you to our new student. A transfer student.”

That’s a new one. We have never in the history of ANON had a transfer student before.

“So I expect you to treat him with the same level of courtesy and respect you show your other fellow students. Make him feel welcome and at home. Make your school proud. That is all.” The headmistress turns around and promptly leaves the Grand Hall.

“Wow  a transfer student.”

“What do you think he is going to be like?”

Everyone is whispering about the new transfer student. I am looking at the boy coming this way. He must be the transfer student. He is smiling at me so I smile back. He looks familiar like we have met before. My eyes seem to recognize him but…

“Hi Sami it’s been a while.”

That voice. There is something about that voice. Click. I remember everything falls into place now. I recognize him because we have met before.

◄ Facade

Switched ►


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