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Homeless, hopeless

figures below the radar

invisible, divisible

scant on comfort

at the blunt edge of hope.


But we all know there should be a home

a hearth at which to sit, make the best of it.

Without such a place we lose our hearts

with nowhere to rely on

a perimeter without a centre

a view without focus. 


We all know there are not enough homes to go round

but there are some who have them to spare

who never could consider the need to share

and those who fall are much like us all

except without a place without a home

without a hearth at which to sit

they just can't make the best of it. 




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Sat 2nd Dec 2023 17:19

I think this is a subject that polarizes opinion, but Keith Uilleam Steve and Stephen you have all showed humanity and an awareness that never brings comfort or it seems a resolution.
It's particularly poignant that through no fault of their own the Homeless have slipped down the ladder of status, in which position they are basically an embarrassment to those who try maintain their own . It doesn't say a lot for our aims as a race when more care is lavished on pets (nothing wrong with that in itself , but stand back and analyze it) than on some human.
All your comments reflect a desire to learn and study this phenomena. Thank you Stephen G for your mention of that line, it came into my head!

Hugh, Stephen and Jon thanks for the likes.


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Stephen Gospage

Fri 1st Dec 2023 20:27

'The blunt edge of hope' really hits home, Ray.

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Steve White

Thu 30th Nov 2023 17:44

Thanks Ray, well said.

It's a crisis with ideological roots and a culture that values houses over homes. There are more empty properties than homeless people but while new builds are bought off-plan for investment and society values landlords more than tenants we'll remain in this mess.

Thanks for saying it out loud.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 30th Nov 2023 16:24

Thanks for bringing this subject to our attention Ray.
The decimation of mental health and NHS services is an important factor in the numbers of homeless.

I've just searched for "No fault evictions"; the first site which came up was templates for evicting residents. Section 21 "No fault evictions" should be made illegal, they are an abomination in a so-called civiised country.

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keith jeffries

Thu 30th Nov 2023 15:52

Ray, well said. This is a problem which the government does not seem able to deal with. As an ex serviceman it grieves me to see comrades sitting and sleeping in shop door ways asking for money. So much for being a G7 nation.
Thank you for this,

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