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Eighty - the age at which the weight of evidence

supports an inevitable irrefutable verdict

yet we expect a free pardon

for the excesses in which we were engaged,

and when none is given we are enraged. 


So we set sail for the sunset

helped by various aids

old codgers supported by old maids

suspending disbelief as the clock ticks on

prey to seductive offers that show

the end of life should be all smiles

the filling up of corporate coffers. 





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Sun 23rd Jun 2024 16:51

Yes Greg - why not the rockers and for me the hippies too, if we have something to say let's get it off our chests while we may ! Thanks for the thought. I wondered if there may be a re flowering of am dram about to emerge.....


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Greg Freeman

Sun 23rd Jun 2024 07:54

Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Ray. The old rockers keep on trucking, and why shouldn't you, still open-micing and Zooming as you do?

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Sat 22nd Jun 2024 19:51

Thanks for all your likes Stephen, Keith, Blackrose, Aisha, Holden and Jon 63.

Cheers Graham it is indeed. Yes, I agree, we share the support even sometimes under duress. All's pretty good thanks!

Bless you David. There is of course no alternative but to grip tightly and think of England. A lovely thought too.

Yes Mark - in the same ball park as they say.

Always nice to get your response Martin thank you.

Funny you mention that Stephen. My mum on reaching 95 said: I never wanted to be old, but now I am it would be nice to get to 100, alas not to be but still.....


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Stephen Gospage

Thu 20th Jun 2024 08:45

I think 'Eighty - Not Out' is the way to look at it, Ray. Use all that's available to reach that elusive ton.

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Martin Elder

Wed 19th Jun 2024 10:08

yeah there are some great lines here Ray.

Love it

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 18th Jun 2024 18:34

Been there, done it, got the hair-shirt! 😃

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David RL Moore

Tue 18th Jun 2024 17:52

Heading into the sunset red sails ablaze.

Nice one Ray. I have responded to your email...speak soon.


Thanks for your support in days gone by.

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 18th Jun 2024 17:45

If this is autobiographical Ray excellent work on both counts

I particularly like 'old codgers supported by old maids' a union that we all share gladly.

I hope you're keeping well my friend


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