the pain of silence

This situation is not worth

even for those who don’t have

to carry the weight of a heart

or those who never weep.

those who hear silence

find themselves being

torn into pieces.

silence is never a sound

but a memory very profound

when ever you hear sounds

in the background

silence comes to join you

comforting reminding you

never to sleep when

life has forgotten about you

only a moment and then you find yourself

taken from this earth with a gentle hand

calling your name as if it always

looked after you

don’t go don’t follow

you might never regain the place

you were offered at birth

answers and questions are not to blame

one day life might remember

or not who knows we are in a gambling game

try to choose the winning number

its easy if you don’t care

if you just walk unaware

lose your shadow to confessions

reduce your face expressions

burn every thing that will remind you

that maybe your existence was once true

let your self forget your name

so when life remembers there will be no one to blame

cry all the tears your body has held

in the memory of the times you rebelled

for today you existence is a constant

unchanged your body here mind absent

when there's no one to blame put it on you

if you don’t play the game you gotta learn to


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eternal slumber ►


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