remembering is such an easy task

I see my dead body

flaoting on the streets

like an old used piece of cloth

full of blood and memories

that are forgotten

by everyone but me

the smell of skin fliling

my nose cavities

an earth that is only here

to make my scent


a person thats only job

is to forget

a body that reminds me

of long touches

a brush into a skin

that is burning

I want to go

but only if my body

would fly with me

steal all those memories

and take my name from

others heads with me

a life with no meaning

why would sadness be

why would a smile burn

if i am this

a mind thats only filled

with long forgotten sadness

would you ever dream

of a nice smile

from a friendly face

comforting the heart

that was once here

remembering is such an easy task

a year or two were not enough

a life time through

long suffering dots

we are all living

to be happy

why would my life be filled

with missing spots

a tear that is holding

the past

the smell of yesterdays

finger prints

I was there breathing

out of reach

i was there looking

with somebodies eyes

if only now i had to stop

erasing a life

that two people worked hard

to make it be

remembering is such an easy task

they said to accept your past

when even they don’t accept it

where would I gather all that strength

that will of life

is there well filled of dreams

that take you away

from all of this

give you the strength

to fight

to hold your head up

hold your tears

a well that would take me in

smile at me love me

as i am

a persons love is not enough

no one cares enough

and no one will

who would choose to live

with you all those memories

i will never forget

the faces of those who scream

no one will chose to go down

remember the feel

you've got from those ugly eyes

burning you to the grounds

the darkened souls

that are very far from saving

who can choose to go down

with you

words that look for meaning

in your eyes

who can feel what you’ve felt

who will live what you have lived

take all those happy memories

and leave me with those you don’t like

i am already down

never gonna see the light

just take them and go up

maybe if you reach the end

you’ll look at me

ill be waiting with a smile

◄ black holes

sleepless nights ►


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racha chafik

Tue 28th Aug 2018 20:25

thank you so much martin and big sal for reading my poem

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Martin Elder

Tue 28th Aug 2018 16:30

Wow ! this is an epic Racha with some wonderful opening lines.

Big Sal

Tue 28th Aug 2018 03:05

Excellent poem you have here.👍

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