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wake up

how much i dispise those

who only in despair

gain a consciousness

of the after life


in need of friend

they create a god

to walk their lane

and never ask


to give them reason

to never change

to set a prison

unto them selves


and how they preach

and how they praise

and how they criticise

those in pain


if you have never seen death


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Clouded and under the rain

I strive for a sense of reality

A battle i know to be vain

I take to steal a last sight of sanity


Im lost and I’m loosing my sense

My soul is slowly leaving me

My body  becoming a host

A shallow shell of immensity


Drawn in the depths of my soil

I dive into the roots of the tree

Shaping the rhymes of my soul

And carving the roads...

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A waste of time

Looking at me
The feeling of envie
Naturally wraps you heart
Walks delicately
With a goal in mind

Absorbed by me
My eyes teach you to walk
Giving all you heart
To only hate me

But only in the dirtiest ponds
You every felt alive
And only under stacked bodies
You ever enjoyed having a walk

And even true friends
Under the pressure of sides
Dont see reason in your eyes
Giving to ...

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A good deed

Empathie and kindness

No longer an act

In lack of self esteem

And insuffisant tact


A boost a crucial hike

In dire seeked

For the sake of seeking

To ease the mind


Shaped and carved

To reach the beings

The heart always dispised

The inconveniently near


That will always be too far

The invisible beings

Our society deemed inapt

What a deed to b...

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breaking point

there was a time

when there was time

for now I'm distant

covered with grime


even without feelings

my heart speaks in mimes

shifting to reason

chanting with rhymes


hoping to reach me

trying to climb

a thousand years slime

I crafted around me

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how funny in the darkest places

you see the brightest lights


in tears sunny faces

for hope cede their rights


in dirt purity rise

a consolation a shore


imaginary gods

giving you support


but even after breaking

all the bracing lies


still I can see in the darkest eyes

a glimpse of a familiar crying child


with deafening screams


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burning hands

i gave it some thought

what i wanted i got

what i dreamed of and sought

wrapped my hands around it taut


in your eyes I've seen

shades of purple and green

pieces joining to form a stream

making real what u see in dreams


but in that peace i found

a slowly growing sound

luring me to the ground

in which i grew and drowned


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its not about seeing whats inside 

when it's locked with white lies 

it's about giving up your ground 

to a fall giving a blink of a rise 


to no highs and downs 

to straight lines 

to watching skies being found 

to question generations aligned 


countless walks 

wont lead you to new lands 

sometimes you need to stalk 

rivers with no ends 


even omni...

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stranger to my eyes

i shape you as i want

a saviour a life

a thought that taunts


a need to fulfil

an escape of what is real

a message a chill

runing through my spine


longing for words

a machine a drill

walking through halls

to cut my reach


an urge a need

a longing for deep

for something that may not

be even real

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easy roads

the road begins with mighty hopes

walking down the rocky roads

she dips and drops an then she gropes

the dream of gods and all the odds

and then she meets the strangest folks

that turn around and speak with codes

that live and laugh and then tell the jokes

about people of the rocky roads

and sell the dreams meant to provoke

her gods the odds and the mighty hopes

and a...

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