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Many nights are sleepless and this you wonder why

Coz sometimes this just happens, no matter how I try

I toss  n turn but sleep dont come, my brain gets in the way

As it wont bloody go to sleep and ruins my next day

I'm sure that this sounds weird to those who nod off in a wink

but when you have a crazy brain which wakes each time you blink

Sometimes it is an advert that plays in...

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Do they know it.s Christmas

HAVE YOU EVER HAD   ????????

When your house begins to tell you, you dont belong no more
it makes it very clear, you are not welcome anymore
so hints begin to show themselves, subtly at first
then more and more they make it plain its only getting worse

A nice warm house gets colder, the heatings ceased to work
the normal things, like bathroom taps have demons that'll lerk
the toilet s...

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A really bad day...


I got up really early, the sun was in the sky
I thought "i'll do the laundry,i'm bound to get it dry,
I sorted out the lights and darks, and put the first load in
It washed it and it rinsed it, but then refused to spin.

In anger and frustration, I opened up the door
the water left the washing and drowned the kitchen floor.

I went to make a coffee and the kettle b...

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