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owen was born in canterbury (england) and currently lives in london. performances: - university of milwaukee, wisconsin - 2004 - a random coffeeshop in canterbury, england - 2006 - poetry cafe, london - 2007 - maesycrugiau, wales - 2010 - jawdance, shoreditch, london - 2011 - camden, london - 2011 publications: - featured in 'inbetween hangovers' street poetry magazine - 'hairgel' featured in gutter eloquence #4 - 'tube rats' published by ronin press 2009 - 'notes from a felltown' published by ronin press 2010 - 'droning light afterswagger', 'barbed', 'pierce', and 'husk of dust' included in PHASE47 published by ronin press 2010 other features: - sampled in 'facemask' by deaddolphin - collaborated with dead audio in 'nil' - collaborated with conspiracy monday in 'the summerhouse' - 'smoke' sung by soliloquise - featured before & after 'sex and ultraviolence' by blaise christie all criticism welcomed


The Summerhouse Biodegradable sunset. This scarred wasteland: Once hidden amongst the nettles, Once full of life amidst Canterburys desolate land, Once a sanctuary, now open to scrutiny. Welcoming me now with burnt crisp bark and black soil. The luscious leaves now brown; singed, weeping, clinging on to whatever life is left. * * * We would sit here, Torturing our lungs and coughing up truth, Sheltered by our isolation. We would sit here, With enlarged pupils, raised eyebrows and Rubiks cubes in our hands, seeking enlightenment. Sheltered by our isolation. We would sit here, Drowning in the laughter, drowning in the music, drowning in hope, Sheltered by our isolation. * * * All that can now be heard: Echoing locomotion and squealing swings, Singing haunting hymns of repetition. Birds swooping above me like vultures, Mocking me with their song. The rustle of the leaves, Leaves the hustle and bustle of the city forgotten. [copyright owen calvert 2005]

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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<Deleted User> (6292)

Tue 3rd Nov 2009 11:17

Hello Owen
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my poem i'm pleased that you liked it.
Augusta x

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winston plowes

Tue 10th Mar 2009 09:24

Hi Owen,
Glad you liked the little book (took a while in the post though!) I like writing these Haikus, they have certain advantages but its difficult to get the message accross in so few words. thats the challenge i guess. There is a discussion thread on Haiku in the forum at the moment. Winston

Helen Thomas

Sat 28th Feb 2009 16:54

I liked the line 'echoing locomotion and squealing swings'. I think the last stanza of that poem is especially good.

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winston plowes

Sat 28th Feb 2009 15:43

Hi Owen, Liked the Summerhouse - like the combination of Echoing locomotion and squealing swings but coughing up truth for me was a killer line. keep posting mate. Winston

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