Kissing the Alien (a boyhood dream)


 Awash with the monochrome glow

Of Saturday television

I would watch cardboard rocket ships on strings

Wobble into polystyrene cities

Buck and Flash and James T. Kirk

Would wrassle to the ground

All manner of humanoids with strange features

Made of mud or rock or wood

Each one succumbing to the earthling’s righteousness

With a boff and a thud


And that was great


On these far-flung planets of the outer galaxies

Men had wings or jet-fuelled rocket packs

Pistols shot white lights that exploded like fireworks

On Andurian New Year

Justice prevailed, the underdog won

And evil was vanquished

Until next Saturday morn


And that was great too


But each time Kirk or Gordon

Would find themselves locked in an interstellar embrace

(Red lips pressed against green

The milky-way swirling in her eyes

A triumvirate of tits tightly wrapped up in tin-foil

Pistols cocked and set to stun)

This was when I knew that I simply had to be

The galactic hero

Kissing the alien

Beneath the twin moons of Castillion 3


Forty now

And my disbelief has been permanently suspended

I know Leia loves Han

Just as much as he does

Flash would still save the Earth if he only a teabreak to do it in

And Dale would love him, regardless

Even Lucas’s betrayal has lost its impact

There is no green-screen to stand in front of

And imagine a better world; full of fun


And I still haven’t kissed the alien

In the yellowy haze of the setting suns

◄ Yellow Purple Blue

Underneath the Horse Chestnut Tree ►


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Fri 5th Aug 2011 08:42

Thanks Laura - read out loud is how it should be. but it's been so long...maybe one day

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Fri 5th Aug 2011 08:37

Thanks Jules

Tom, I think I've been on that ship too. It's on the Gloucester Rd in Bristol and has big yellow sign out front that says Massage. Not only was there no kissing, i didn't get a massage either

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Tom Harding

Thu 4th Aug 2011 21:48

this is good - funny it brought to mind a documentary i'd watched as a teenager about people who claimed they'd been kidnapped by aliens. one guy swore he was taken aboard a ship of female aliens & ,according to his testimony, they had performed all manner of sexual acts upon him but however never kissed him.
for some reason the odd specifics of that always stuck with me.

<Deleted User> (8730)

Thu 4th Aug 2011 18:35

Brilliant, I couldn't stop reading it. great ideas. Star Trek was good, so was Doctor Who... I like it all..... Kissing an alien, great idea...

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Laura Taylor

Thu 4th Aug 2011 16:49

I really like this, and not that I am in any way qualified to talk about poetry, but that last verse seemed to tail off a little. I love the first two lines, and also that last couple of lines, but the filling doesn't sit as gleefully with me as the rest of it did :) I bet this is ace read out loud

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Thu 4th Aug 2011 16:44

still trying to get into the swing of things i'm afraid

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