There is nothing better than a truly beautiful sky


The moon has been in a fight tonight

And the bruise spreads across the sky;

Yellow and purple. I think maybe

The mountain is broken.

We’ll need to get that fixed

And hope it sets.

You are leaning on the fender

Skirtucked and leatherbooted

Foot tapping to the sounds

Of Sam Cooke singing  

The sounds of dignity

In the face of oppression.

The whiskey bottle

Catches the headlights


And your face;

Your face.

And until tonight

I stood firm on the fact

That there is nothing better

Than a truly beautiful sky.


Just Because (For Rupert Anson the last scoundrel in Speke) ►


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Sun 30th May 2010 12:30

Thanks again, Chris!

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Chris Dawson

Sat 29th May 2010 08:05

I like this very much ... I can see the snapshot clearly, and the last Cx

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Fri 28th May 2010 19:39

No, but that's where this came from - a friend was having a bad time and she told me that she pulled over and listened to music and watched the moon. So I wrote it for her to cheer her up.

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 28th May 2010 19:14

Did you see the moon last night? Wow! Gold and huge and full and low. Beautiful!

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Fri 28th May 2010 14:29

Thanks Rodney. If I do that though it becomes less a poem and more a piece of prose. it's just a snapshot - a glimpse across a landscape at something(one) beautiful...or supposed to be

The mountain: readers choice - but carrying on from the opener, I hope that people will connect the two (especially the shape) and think nose.

Sam Cooke - everything he sang was with dignity, especially for the time. Hear whatever you would like - I hear 'Change gonna come'! Nothing is better than Sam Cooke singing that, not even the sky.



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Rodney Wood

Fri 28th May 2010 14:19

Like this but it seems a bit hurried and there's perhaps more of your voice to put in, and perhaps a few details eg the mountain's broken it's leg, what was Sam Cooke singing? why was it dignified? etc

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