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gilded cages

Gilded cages are not for me,

I want my freedom, I want to breathe,

Love a man no matter the cast of creed.

Masks and facades are not for me,

I am who I am and will always be,

No one can dictate to me my needs,

To hide my desires is not in me.

To make love to a man before wearing a ring.

Papers and contracts are not for me,

I am a woman not an object to be traded,

No papers decide the man I let touch me,

A ring is not needed to fall in love,

Giving in to touch doesn't make me a whore.

I feel traped in gilded cages,

Where desire is wrong though it is what I feel,

I just want acceptance and to just be me,

I am trapped in society that judges harshly,

From these gilded cages of judgement,

From these gilded cages of outdated moral,

When will I break free? I am suffocating can no one see?

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