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your electric touch

I lay in your bed, in a state of undress

I wait for you to take off the rest,

My heart beats faster, pulse throbbing with desire,

I'm shy and nervous, my body's on fire,

With passion in my blood,

I see red forget the world,

It all falls away, even the sky the earth,

All that remains is your electric touch,

Soft as a feather a kiss upon my lips,

A kiss upon my sole, awakens feelings untold,

Every stitch divested I feel free and bold,

Free of the bonds that bind me,

Inhibitions that confine me,

The fears that can blind me.

They allĀ  fall away, even the sky the earth,

Till all that remains is your electric touch,

As our shadows cross andĀ  fingers meet,

I feel in my bones an ache so sweet,

On the wings of passion, the winds of a dream,

My heart soars to highs unseen.

I look in your eyes, I'm in your arms,

It is then I feel pretty, the embodiment of charms,

You're divested too of all but my arms

And everything fades, even the sky the earth,

And all that remains is your electric touch,

Then closer you get, you're melded to me,

I feel like the ocean, the breeze upon the sea,

Where everything changes and yet nothing does,

In the ravages of time, my feelings will be untouched,

For you are my little angel, as I hope I am yours,

And every whispered world, contains the magic of the stars.

You make me forget the world, the sky the earth,

For the only thing that matters is your electric touch.

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