Brick by Brick

As Trump prototype walls are assessed and my back garden wall remains work in progress, penned this little poem....

Brick by Brick

 I got some bricks, cement and sand

With water, trowel, a plotting line.

Thought of how to turn my hand

To leave a symbol of something fine.


I had my patch, could build so tall,

Keep to myself my piece of space.

I could build a monstrous wa...

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The Ballad of the Classroom



I’m going to burst, I need a pen,

I had it first, say that again!

I’m feeling sick, You got a tissue?

Watch this trick, I heard her diss you…


It’s boring this, I hate this school

Can I see Miss, I play the fool.

I always leave before the end

I just sit here, beside my friend.


I won’t change seats, you can’t make me

What ...

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You're Fizzy

You’re fizzy


You’re fizzy like an alka-seltzer

All elastic, little belter,

Plastic fantastic, helter skelter

Spacey one, you moon of delta.


Short of fuse, a pocket rocket

Soothing words just like a locket

Fit my spade you yellow bucket

My mind is full, but you unblock it.


Pack a punch, sting like a bee,

Sharp and bristly, holly tree,

Grab your rose, ...

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the Oyster Dreamers

A good friend of mine, Winston Plowes, has suggested a good cure for my addiction to rhyme.  I have taken two lines from hannah collins's poem The Bound Bird (thanks Hannah!) and used each woed as the last line of my new poem.  It is fun to try and helps unleash the imagination (or release the bound bird?!) without restrictions of rhyme.  See what you think. M x

Put pearls of amethyst beneath h...

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poetry. dreams

It is What it Is

Been struck by the number of cliches I am hearing at the moment, especially the title of this poem, so penned this littly ditty early this morning... Hope you like it!

It is What it Is…Some Well Worn Words


At the end of the day, when all’s said and done,

To be fair I must say there’s no smoking gun.

It is what it is, we have to move on,

Time passes or flies and the moment is go...

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An Iffy Poem

With apologies to Mr Kipling... purveyor of exceedingly good poems...


An Iffy Poem


If you can write and not make rhyme your master,

If you can feel and let those feelings flow.

If you can think and find a simple structure

Which builds your thoughts of love, then lets it go.


If you can find a telling rhyme or metre

Which fits with all your tho...

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The Cormorant

The Cormorant


He stands erect, Christ like

Arms spread wide,

Head not bowed, but turned aside

A crucifixion, yet basking in the sun.

Jet black, an Angel of coal,

Feathers dripping, jagged as knives

As if tormented, haunting souls,

With icy stare and blackened heart.

He might have been forced to hold

His wings for some dark crime,

A tableau fixed, a lesson to u...

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Burning Desire

Burning Desire


He was a bright spark,

She his old flame,

And when they got together

Fire burned again.


They rubbed together for a while

Blazing hot on tinder,

Burning looks, smouldering smile

Their passion couldn’t hinder.


Soon the hot and fiery pair

Could hold it in no more,

Igniting like a flare,

The furnace began to roar.


They consumed ...

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lovedesire loss

Life at the Plateau

The Plateau

The view from here is calm and true

The grassy steppes stretch out of sight

From plainness slowly dullness grew

From winning I have lost my fight

Life once sharper, numbs to bland

And feet sink deeper into sand.


The uphill struggle left me weak

Fingers bloodied, grip was lost

Each ridge ahead still seemed the peak

Life was stripped, I paid the cos...

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A silly ditty... not by me!

Said Hamlet to Ophelia,
I'll draw a sketch of thee.
What kind of pencil shall I use?
2B or not 2B

Spike Milligan

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The Swan Effect

The Swan Effect                                                                                                                                          Your slender neck and wings so clean

Graceful movement, so serene,

The purest feathers which you preen

Are what attracts the eye.


Curves and power, gliding slow,

Majestic as a river flow

Sleek and gently strong you go


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A Life in Colour

A Life in Colour

The challenge as I rise from bed

Is turning greys to green and red.

The drabness of the everyday

Takes a rainbow, turns it grey.

The colours sharp are lit by sun.

Red, orange, yellow, new begun.

Green, blue, violet quickly fade

Primary, pastel, into shade.

A squirrel, seal, a worm, a whale

Don’t worry that they live so pale.

The tortoise carries we...

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Grave Thoughts from Above Ground

Wrote this after a visit to Southern Cemetery... see what you think.

Grave Thoughts from Above Ground


They lie so quiet in the ground

While leaves and nuts fall all around.

The slanting sun, the shadows fall

The squirrels scamper, magpies call.


The shortest stories ever told,

Their lives in stone stand out in bold.

A middle name they won’t confess

Or all three ...

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