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Addiction In Many Forms

Money  lust pills sex all the things to have a good time. I feel no pain the  numbing  feels so right i can't  escape but i don't know how to stop i crave something to keep me  moving . I alter my  mind to hide the emotional horror i refuse to let you see me cry because initially you felt i was weak all along. what you fail to realize is that sex made me feel alive and i felt wanted,  the pills nu...

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Trust Issues

I want to love you but i don't know how to it's not  fully that but i don't  trust you all i know is broken  hearts and multiple lies . I thought he  truly  wanted me but  all he did was waste my time. I tried to believe  everything that he said but in my mind  all i know is deceit. Torn apart meant to feel insecure was the every day struggle  he had caused. One  day i might be able  to love just ...

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I was put on this earth to be the  angel  who  guides you through it all I may not have all the answers but I refuse to give up on you and can't stand how your feeling. let me just  say please don't give up talk to me  now we can come up with a solution . I am aware of the fact you have so much running through  your mind but your special to me and you have my time .  Right now the last thing you n...

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

He said baby I'm sorry I won't hurt you again you are my everything even though I bruised and battered your face. Wipe your tears it will all be okay for give me once again if you can find it in your heart to do this for me. I could not stand to see the site of your tears even though I tell you so many lies to mask my  true identity of who i so happen to be . i won't deny what i am  just won't say...

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