Addiction In Many Forms

Money  lust pills sex all the things to have a good time. I feel no pain the  numbing  feels so right i can't  escape but i don't know how to stop i crave something to keep me  moving . I alter my  mind to hide the emotional horror i refuse to let you see me cry because initially you felt i was weak all along. what you fail to realize is that sex made me feel alive and i felt wanted,  the pills numbed  the pain i longer had to think about this hellish life. I know down hill  spiral my destructive lifestyle was getting the best of you could never look at me  the same  again . I expect  to hear from you in a non judgemental  environment  call me  any time so  i can help you  kick your  habit . just know your stronger then your drug of choice every day i rather  see you live i remember  when we use to laugh .  the bright smile  that you once carried . surely am afraid i will get  that message that you passed away in more or so in less then two months  with your reckless battle with russian roulette i am aware maybe not literally but  you mind as well go for it  let me help put it all to an end i won't say a word let me help you  recover and put your  life back on track addiction  really can end a  life until i became your intervention.

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