Trust Issues

I want to love you but i don't know how to it's not  fully that but i don't  trust you all i know is broken  hearts and multiple lies . I thought he  truly  wanted me but  all he did was waste my time. I tried to believe  everything that he said but in my mind  all i know is deceit. Torn apart meant to feel insecure was the every day struggle  he had caused. One  day i might be able  to love just know at the moment it won't work out i need to work on myself. Caution advisory warning handle with care. You Must face the music these are the problems you create when  you consistently use me like  a nerf  gun but  today  baby i'm  taking shots i had enough  you will  never win me back . I am aware of what many would say the last has nothing to do with your  current but i refuse for my feelings to be fucked with at the end of the day profess your love  for me as much as you would like  but i'm not buying tickets  to this seasons  game  , you now  know the consequences of  bringing trust issues .


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