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Don't let yesterday

swallow today.


Don't put off things till later

that are best done now.


Circle yourself with those

that bring out the best in you.


By Lynn Hahn

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You say flatulence I say fart

that is why I can not give you my heart


You are symphony I am country

we dance to a different beat


You are perfect in my eyes

one who never tells lies


If we became real

it could ruin my dream


Become the nightmare

I've too often see


Better to be flirting friends

so our relationship never ends


Go to our g...

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When life makes you happy

When life makes you sad

You can talk to me

I am here resting 

but I am still in your heart

I will be listening

So if you need to 

You can talk to me

Know that 

My love for you is endless


By Lynn Hahn

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what you think 

is how you feel 


what you say 

makes it real


control your thoughts 

and your mouth


so life has a chance

to romance you


blue is a primary color

so are red

and yellow


on their own 

they are pleasant


mixed together

they become amazing


seems like happiness

likes to p...

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The ice cream man

was the sweetest man

she had ever met


until she gave him her heart. 


Then slowly 

his true character

revealed itself


leaving her to feel the fool. 


Because she truly loved a man

for many years

that was not real. 


By Lynn Hahn

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Reality reverses

becomes a lie


hopes and dreams

crash to the ground


once she found

the deception.


Like a brave soldier

she goes to battle


protecting the future. 


By Lynn Hahn

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romance poemstrength


She sits in the dark wondering why

her loves seems to always die. 


Some are destine to succeed

they lead the parade of happiness. 


She wants to jump on a float

wave to the crowd


saying "I'm in love!"

out loud. 


But that dream is not near

instead far away


so she sits in the dark 

holding her heart

with empty hands. 

By Lynn Hahn

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lovethoughtful poem


Hunger that can not be solved

deep in your bones it hides...


hoping for freedom to arrive

to keep this being alive.


So simple for some

others must dig deep


just to meet needs all have.


Just keep moving 

do not dare stop


walk by the mirror

do not dare look...


for your face 

is an open book. 


By Lynn Hahn

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Why is the desire to survive

so strong?


When someone passes,

"they are going to a better place"

is the song.


Does this seem wrong?


It's confussing

if nothing else...


Mammals of every sort

fight to the death 

to support

their life.


Why fight

for your life


Why cry

when others die


Isn't going to a better place...



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