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early evening, early autumn glow

            as mersey mist descends

bright as mid summer but fresh

21st century silhouettes


like a new start


smoke rises on the water

21st century sounds



i'm no longer the rural riddle

and i don’t miss it… much

this is the new start


and looking out onto early evening

mersey mist


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First Above All Else

The buses are striking

and there’s nothing I can do

I cannot get to work

and now I can’t shake this bad mood


The buses are striking,

The train costs too much

I can’t get to the station

Today is going to be a bust


I’ve never been so angry

have they never heard of a recession?

some are working for nothing

and THESE people want MY blessing?


If you want to make a point

go slow or...

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I want to join the PTA and bake cakes for the summer fete

I want to go to parents’ evening, and be told my kids are great!

I want to be a housewife, tuck the kids in at night

Give them a kiss and cuddle, while they read by torch light


I want to tell them stories, of when I was their age,

When I wanted to be a Spice Girl, and piercings were all the rage!

I want to be to...

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My Liverpool

My first foray into gay culture
was Liverpool
She took me by the hand
showed me a good time

She was where my girlfriend was
We met all thanks to her
My Liverpool

She was where I got covered in cake
and where we ate fast food
from three different places
in one night

Where I met my best friend
but in the end
My Liverpool
betrayed me
drove my best girl away from me

She helped me heal though
Showed me a good time

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You’re like your Dad

She said

As I lay across the sofa

And I took it as a compliment

That I could grow into

A gentle giant,

Eyes still of wonder

at every new idea


That I could become like

the man who never

raised a hand and

never shied away from



The only man I ever

trusted, the only man

I ever loved


And I can see it too


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Very Soon

A smattering of knickers and bras

            on the floor says

more sex please

a trip to the local upmarket

sex shop tells me that we are all

taking off our masks and shouting


            It wasn’t so long ago that

I was a virgin (though longer now)

and it wasn’t so long ago that

            all I wanted was to be wanted more than anything els...

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The Alarm Rang

beep beep… beep beep

7:30am, summer, nearly the end of term

and i can’t wait to get to school,

i wear a blue and white checked dress

and white sandals

mum makes me breakfast, toast with pb and j

i watch too much american tv

i take a shower and get dressed

and mum does my hair

            and then the eternal struggle of getting us out of the door and into the car on...

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Nickelodeon Generation

We are the Nickelodeon Generation,

With Saved By The Bell morals

And Zack Morris

As a role model


I’m so cool… NOT


We are the Family Generation

The Simpsons are the new family ideal

Still capitalist, money driven,

But more dysfunctional

No race in his face

A yellow Bill Cosby, who strangles his son,

And no one calls social services


We are the ...

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in celebration of older women

in middle age

her face speaks to me

a fingerprint in time

individual and perfect

it speaks to me

with no words

“i have


in youth bland

the same as any other

perfect peach



a vivid venus




a perfect thorn

amid the safe roses

i prefer the thorn

it knows things and protects the rose

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Control Issues

Peace is Internal and External

 and can be thrust upon you

unless you have control issues

  and I do

sentimentality aside

it takes something special to make me relinquish

some urge, some desire

internal and external

enough to leave me trembling between the sheets

I give a little

and then a little more

and then if you're lucky

Let go

Very lucky

Although when I do

there's no going bac...

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The Lying Woman

The Lying Woman who tells you

she can't meet you tonight

too busy...

She just doesn't want to


She tells you to your face

that she has seen Liz Taylor's


but skirts over the details

and moves the conversation back

to family guy


 swears that the most beautiful

sight she saw

was a sun setting over Rivington Pike

where she walked with her dogs


Her favourite book is Rebe...

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