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The Lying Woman

The Lying Woman who tells you

she can't meet you tonight

too busy...

She just doesn't want to


She tells you to your face

that she has seen Liz Taylor's


but skirts over the details

and moves the conversation back

to family guy


 swears that the most beautiful

sight she saw

was a sun setting over Rivington Pike

where she walked with her dogs


Her favourite book is Rebecca

although she tells you it is

something obscure by Emily Bronte

She's read the Cliff Notes and knows the main themes


She loves the idea of the mad woman in the attic but

never got around to it


She's blurred the lines

between fact/fiction so much

that even she can't remember

if she ever saw

The Green Mile

all the way though


She's terrified you won't love her if

she's not interesting


The truths sound like lies

her dad's been on Corrie

she's been on reality TV

her grandma is mad


But she only lies about things

that doesn't matter

And sometimes the lies are just

embellishments and exaggerations

to keep her on the same page


I'm justifying her choices now

justifying her lies



the lying woman is me



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Jeff Dawson

Mon 25th May 2009 10:42

Hi Lydia, I thought you sounded familar! Ha, really like this, nice twist and like this line as I'm sure we all do it -

She's terrified you won't love her if she's not interesting... mmm interesting, great work, best wishes Jeff X

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Andy N

Sun 3rd May 2009 22:27

the twist works well, chuck at the end off it.. if i am honest i think the piece is a little bit too long.. i think it would probably have twice as much impact if you trimmed it a bit, but good stuff thou!

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Fri 1st May 2009 14:10

Lydia :) NEVER let the truth get in the way of a good story .

<Deleted User> (5646)

Fri 1st May 2009 13:33

Is it better to lie than to hurt someones feelings?
or to make them feel better?
I doubt it.

Love the twist at the end of your poem,
nice one.

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