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The Evil Empire

The Evil Empire


The United States of America is a frustrated power,

it arrived late on the imperial scene.

Instead of conquest or exploration,

it uses its wealth to buy its needs.

This Empire has no morality in its arsenal,

Guantanamo, Bagram and rendition are its methods.

Along with its lackeys it has spawned nations,

supported dictatorships and fermented unrest.

Opponents of the empire are quite simply bombed,

or banished by the use of sanctions and worse.

It believes in its own propoganda,

the Land of the Free and its claim that its president is

the Leader of the Free World.

It is highly manipulative in sinister ways,

its aims often camouflaged.

Social media will be its undoing,

as the world reveals its duplicity and deceit.

Its poodles would do well to severe their links,

before they too are burned.

Might is not right is a lesson they will learn the hard way,

Morality is far from its shores,

as is any sense of conscience or decency.

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keith jeffries

Sat 30th Mar 2024 11:18

Thank you for your varied responses to ths poem. To give serious consideration to this poem it requires a good knowledge of world history stretching back to the beginning of the last century. This added to a balanced appraisal of the news from a number of media outlets will assist one's overall perspective. It is a mistake to rely solely on State Broadcasting organs as they have their government's agendas to adhere to first. Reggie I love your use of the word 'stuttered'.
Thank you to one and all,

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 29th Mar 2024 17:19

The US is full of noble and decent people, Keith. It is sad that its governments have often fallen below the high ideals its founders set themselves, using methods which you refer to here.
Still, I would rather have the US as an ally compared to say, Russia, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela etc. The imperfect trumps (!) the truly evil.
Thanks for a committed piece of writing which makes people think.

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Reggie's Ghost

Thu 28th Mar 2024 19:22

Keith why pick on the US when there are dozens of countries with evil regimes.?

Without US involvement it is likely Europe, including the UK, would be part of the German Empire. And although they have stuttered recently they have done more than anyone to support Ukraine.

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Landi Cruz

Thu 28th Mar 2024 17:17

Let's set about with the cherry-picking...

Isolationist? The devil

Interventionist? The devil

They're each the same rose by different names.

The devil is your friend when he's your enemy's enemy.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 28th Mar 2024 16:14

But in purely world-terms - the best of a bad lot. And they
make better allies than enemies!

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