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The Bomb Aimer

The Bomb Aimer


In his sights there are buildings,

his order is to destroy them,

he presses a button,

the bombs are released,

he flies back to his base.


Below are those who were his target,

many lie dead by crushed masonry,

others wounded and unconcious,

furniture and shards of glass cover the floor,

a baby cries in a cot.


Back at base the bomb aimer

eats a hearty breakfast,

later he is taking his wife to the shops,

then a few hours on the golf course,

followed by a few beers with friends.


Men break their way into the apartment,

they survey the all too familiar scene,

the baby is carried out,

an ambulance is waiting outside,

a sniper takes aim and shoots the driver dead.


The bomb aimer is pleased,

 a letter announces his promotion,

more money in the bank,

he decides to treat his wife,

a new dress perhaps.


The baby is put in a hand cart,

she is rushed to the hospital,

a crowd had gathered outside,

the hospital had been destroyed,

it was a direct hit.


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sat 24th Feb 2024 10:41

Thanks Keith,
“more money in the bank” perfectly sums the situation up.

So many of the UK’s politicians are currently bankrolled by the very perpetrators of the obscenities you describe.

Stephen, speaking of “anonymous warfare”.
UK politicians -no names, no pack drill- are, shamelessly, in flagrante delicto, in the Mother of Parliaments, and on so-called “News” channels, whipping up hatred through blatant lies and slander, directed against the very people and against Jewish people, who are calling for peace, and a cessation of genocide.

They are all but pointing at individuals and groups, suggesting “this is who you need to stick the knife in, fire the gun at, or where you throw the petrol bomb”.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 22nd Feb 2024 16:49

So much of modern warfare is anonymous, Keith, absolving participants from guilt if they choose not to have any. I think your poem illustrates this perfectly.

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