Thirsty For Love


The taste or iron
lingered on my lips 
Hot cherry red 
Dripping down my chin
Your neck pierced 
By my sharpened daggers
Called fangs
They dripped a mixture 
Of blood and venom
Your taste on my tongue
Made it hard to stop 
Extracting that sweet
Warm body fluid
I kissed your neck
As I watched you 
Change into one of us
A predator 
You were prey until 
You touched this 
Stone cold heart
With bare hands
Warming it just enough 
To love you
This internal security 
Keeping you to myself 
You were now mine
And I was yours
Your body adjusting 
To this new form
Was beautiful
Your eyes brighter
Than before
Your teeth razor sharp
Your wounds healing
Themselves as a part
Of me races through
Your veins
You apart of me
And I apart of you 
Thus we live for eternity 
Entangled in one another
All because of one nibble
A puncture to the neck 
That can never be regretted
Now we run wild and free
Extremely addicted to 
One another

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