My hands rest gently amungst your chest as we lay in this forbidden place.

I can see the dark figures surrrounding us, forcing us closer than ever before.

What do they want from us, or which one of us do they want?

Piercing red eyes filled the little room suffocating our little space that was once happy.

Terrified I hold onto your body with no intention to let go of my security blanket.

Noises and echos entered one ear and out the other as I burried my head in your neck.

Gasping for air and for freedom I shout out at these demons begging for serinity.

As fast as they approached they quickly disappeared at the sound of our panic.

Eventough they were gone my grip never subsided nor did the rapid pace of my heart.

I could see a sense of relief in your eyes as I gazed upon them with my own.

The room still pitch black and cold finally released all the compression of what had happened.

I felt untied from what was going to happen there yet I could see the impact it laid upon you.

In that moment or realization I noticed it wasn't me they had came for but it was you.

So I ask why, why didn't they take you away from me?

The question was never answered but I could feel my heart reunite with your as if they were torn apart.

The ache and pain of leaving each other clinged to us as we waited for daylight to enter the room.

Once we saw light we saw eachother until you quickly turned to dust before my eyes.

I could hear your last words slip through the rush of air, "I will always love you."

Scratching at the gap in my chest where a beating heart once lived I cried out for you.

My tears or unconditional bond helped none, nor controlled my insanity.

I laid in the bed where we hung to each other for dear life a few hours before.

You were gone and I was now empty, even love wasnt enough to protect you from your own demons.

So now I wonder, what will protect me from mine?


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