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Why Can’t We Go

The summer is nearly over 
#staycation will no longer trend
Foreign holidays are risky
until the traffic light rules end

We could travel down to Cornwall 
we could travel up to The Lakes
There’s no need for Covid testing 
whilst enjoying staycation breaks

We can not travel to Turkey 
the country is still listed red
Our flights keep getting cancelled 
so we are stuck at home instead 


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Will The Truth Ever Unfold

Many words have been spoken
Many words have been told
Many words have been written
Many words have been sold 

No time for smoke and mirrors
No time for dishonest claims 
No time for skullduggery 
No time for point scoring games 

Will the truth ever be spoken
Will the truth ever be told  
Will the truth ever be written 
Will the truth ever unfold

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Difficult Day

The golden glow of this Yorkshire sunset 
makes for a warm and welcome sight today
Thoughts and prayers are sent across the world 
as we bid farewell to this difficult day 

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Good Morning

The sun shimmers in a bright blue sky 
filters through leafy woodland trees
The wild bird choir sing loud and proud 
cheerful song carries on the breeze 

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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My Petition Part 2

I woke up to terrible news
regarding OperationArk
The government must be impartial 
unable to step up to the mark

Pen Farthing, his staff and animals
are not safely on their way
The country still waits for further news
in hourly updates throughout today

This week I posted on Twitter
someone should start a petition 
I chose to start one of my own
I was surprised by my decision 


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My Petition

I woke up to wonderful news
regarding OperationArk
The government have listened to reason 
and stepped up to the mark

Pen Farthing, his staff and animals
should soon be safely on their way
The country waits for further news
in hourly updates throughout today

Yesterday I posted on Twitter
someone should start a petition 
I chose to start one of my own
I was surprised by my decision 


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A Moment To Savour

Pottering in the garden 
enjoying the warm sun rays 
It seems so long ago 
since we had any rain free days 

Taken by surprise
as I pass the Buddleia tree
A kaleidoscope of butterflies 
flurry above me 

In the early days of summer 
there were none to be found 
Now my garden is filled with them
just fluttering around 

I like to sit and watch them
admire their colours so bright 

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Today’s News

Today's news is overwhelming 
I really can’t explain why
I’m feeling so emotional
the more I see the more I cry 

It would be wrong to turn over
or to look the other way
Events shown across our screens 
are happening, now, today 

The news from Afghanistan
is frightening and relentless 
These reports leave me reeling
feeling emotional, hopeless

I see desperate human beings 
take f...

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Cheeky Little Roam

My early morning run today
turned into a bit of a treat 
I was taken by surprise to see
two goats walking down the street

I think the naughty escapees
enjoyed their cheeky little roam 
Now reunited with the farmer 
to the safety of their home

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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Smorgasbord Of Texture

On a dull August morning 
the sky a dismal grey 
What a treat to come across 
this pretty sight today 

Majestic tall sunflowers
radiate golden rays
Bright and beautiful rainbow 
stunning floral displays 

A divine scent fills the air
wafts on the early breeze
A smorgasbord of texture 
feeds butterflies and bees 

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan 

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G Pee

I should know better
after seventeen years as a GP
I should know how to avoid
being caught out by baby pee

It was a school boy error
a little mistake made by me
On the plus side it gave such joy
to todays GP trainee

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan 

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just for fun


Every hour of every day
we can switch on our TV
On demand, beamed from satellites 
something for everyone to see

So many channels to choose from
and such diverse variety 
From documentaries to soaps
period drama and comedy

You can always find a show
where the host has far too much to say  
And the news is always up to date 
twenty four hours a day

Sometimes I play the radio

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Day Break

The sun breaks through broken clouds
dawn sky reflects and shimmers
The lake slowly comes to life
welcomes early morning swimmers

On this calm and peaceful morning 
wild birds take to the water 
Gentle ripples radiate
like fine cracks on a mirror 

photo credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Today I learnt a new fact
that I want to share with you
This data brought me a smile
I hope it brings you one too
The term “Puggle”
is the name for a baby platypus
Feel free to pass it on 
as a smile can be infectious

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just for fun

The Morning Run (Not Mine)

A dull and dismal morning 
the sky heavy, cloudy grey 
The road ahead may be long
on my morning run today

As I turn a corner  
met by the most welcome display 
Just a hint of sun 
brings a rainbow to brighten my day

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Freedom is making the news headlines 
in more ways than one today
Another milestone passed 
a step closer to pre pandemic ways

As we moan about being pinged 
the odd empty shelf in the shop
Question the need for restrictions 
and when they will finally stop

Covid is not the leading story 
making the headlines today
It is the people of Afghanistan 
losing their freedom day by day 


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Moorhen Chicks

Two fluffy black Moorhen chicks
racing against each other 
Run across the Lilly pads 
trying to catch their mother

Like a speeded up tv sketch
from the Benny Hill show 
Like old fashioned clock work toys
wind them up and watch them go 

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Last night I watched the news “not terror related” emphasised
Confused and scared residents appear shocked, scared and traumatised 

Upsetting, unsettling and unimaginable scenes
Requests to show respect thankfully blocks them from our screens 

The details are scarce and brief but it soon becomes obvious
Whatever happened here is grave and extremely serious 

I think of all those involve...

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Summer Landscape Scene

Golden sun melts away
the chilly dark of night
Warm molten honey sky
magical morning light

Trees on the horizon  
vast dewy fields of green
Waking from its slumber 
a summer landscape scene 

Photo credit Dr Amir Khan 

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After The Storm

The rabbit takes shelter 
under the garden table
Poised ready to escape
as soon as he is able 

The sky a grey blanket
heavy, smothering and low
Opaque sheets of rainfall 
in the gusty wind billow 

Constant and relentless 
this is no passing shower
Flower petals scatter
beaten by the storms power

The rain is torrential 
the stone bird bath overflows 
Vertical clear stair rods 

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Everything Happens For A Reason

Trundling along life’s main highway
on the busy drive to nowhere 
Confronting the bumps in the road 
proceeding with caution and care

Unperturbed by the route chosen
happily muddling on through
Expecting to stay on this path 
not to change course out of the blue 

One foot in front of the other 
unsure of the destination
Taking one small step at a time 
unswerved without deviation 


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Gothic Glow

Eerie fairytale summer morn
rising mist unveils the scene 
Dewy fields and trees emerging
ghostly image so serene

Gothic glow as the sun rises
opaque haze filters away
Early murk dissipating
reveals the dawn of this new day


Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan 

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Play Time

Behind a grey stone wall
in garden not far way
There grows a lush green lawn
where rabbits run and play

Careful not to disturb
I watch on out of sight
Their frolics bring a smile
never fail to delight

photo credit Dr Amir Khan

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Blushing Pink, Sunny Yellow

A stroll around the park 
in the middle of the city
Brings this sight to delight
colourful flowers so pretty 

Delicate, blushing pink
and radiant, sunny yellow
A scene to soothe the soul
gentle, dreamy, calm and mellow

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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Holiday Check List

The simple holiday check list
is not what it used to be
insurance, flight tickets, passports
sun cream and travel money 

I used to find it simple
to prepare for my holiday 
pick out my dream destination 
pack up and be on my way

During these testing times 
this choice could cost you dear 
a country going on the red list 
is now every tourists fear 

Given only three days notice 

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Travel Plan Chameleon (Karma Chameleon)

New travel rules are not going away
and right here for now is where I will stay 
I'm just a woman without conviction
I'm just a woman who does not know
How I can take all this contradiction
We come and go, then can’t come and go

Travel plan chameleon, travel plan chameleon
We come and go, then can’t come and go
Travel would be easy if your rules were just a bad dream
Red, amber, green, ...

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Just for fun

The Doctor Will See You Now

The Doctor Will See You Now
is a page turner of a book
A Sunday times bestseller 
and definitely worth a look

A rare insider’s account 
from behind surgery doors
Now available in paperback
from all good book stores  

The life of Dr Amir Khan
seventeen years of highs and lows
From rookie GP to partner 
and starring on TV shows

His hobbies include 
wildlife, conservation and garde...

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Jewel Of A Scene

Stunning August morning 
a jewel of a scene 
The link chain fence surrounds
fields of deep emerald green

Sparkling like a diamond 
set in a rose gold sky 
The yellow topaz sun 
melts the clouds drifting by

Photo Credit Dr Amir Khan

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The Muscovy Duck

There once was an ugly duckling 
feathers white and black like a cow
With large clawed feet and a flat tail 
red wattles on its bill and brow

There once was an ugly duckling 
this bird had a distinguished look
Just in case you were wondering 
its name is The Muscovy Duck

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Turkish Wild Fires

Desperate scenes from Turkey 
as wild fires rage and spread 
The news fills me with despair 
fear, sadness, worry and dread 

Assisted by dry weather
and forty plus degree heat 
Flames fanned out of control 
proving difficult to beat

People make their escape 
head towards the shore and the sea 
Where local fishing boats and yachts 
carry them to safety

In and around local towns

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The Plight Of The Bumblebee

There is a new campaign
to help save our bees
Buzzing pollinators 
of flowers, plants and trees

To help save our bees
there’s lots you can do
A few simple ideas 
quick and easy for you

Grow colourful flowers 
yellow, purple and blue
Make a bee waterer
they need fresh water too

Build a bee hotel 
busy bees need a place to rest
Create a safe haven 
where they can build a nest  


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A campaign is being launched in Liverpool
against hate crime and to encourage tolerance
To celebrate the LGBT+ community 
and emphasise the importance of acceptance 

With the help of social media it is hoped 
the hashtag #visibleandsafe will go viral 
Emotive slogans will be displayed on billboards 
at the time of the usual Pride Festival

So if you are out and about the city
and you s...

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Yorkshire Day

The summer sunrise breaks the dawn   
whilst horses graze on dewy grass
An enchanting scene from Yorkshire 
through a veiled mist like opaque glass

Famous for rolling countryside 
wildlife and wonderful coastline
The people are kind and friendly 
the local cuisine is divine

Not forgetting the peaks and dales
to explore, climb, ramble and roam 
Some folk call it Gods own country 

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