Turkish Wild Fires

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Desperate scenes from Turkey 
as wild fires rage and spread 
The news fills me with despair 
fear, sadness, worry and dread 

Assisted by dry weather
and forty plus degree heat 
Flames fanned out of control 
proving difficult to beat

People make their escape 
head towards the shore and the sea 
Where local fishing boats and yachts 
carry them to safety

In and around local towns
donations are collected 
Help comes from around the world
to keep homes and lives protected

To aid emergency access 
calls to keep the roads clear
Pleas to save wildlife 
offers of free treatment appear 

Restrictions put in place
shutting off water supplies 
An army of firefighting planes 
do battle from the skies

I hope they win their brave fight 
I hope at no further cost
I hope good news will come soon
I pray no more lives are lost

A place close to my heart 
though so many miles away 
Turkish friends and neighbours
in my thoughts and prayers today 

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julie callaghan

Wed 4th Aug 2021 07:15

Thank you Stephen A and Stephen G. So sad watching these scenes, made even worse knowing I probably won’t get there for quite some time. Missing my home from home.

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