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Josh Coates

Updated: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 01:26 pm

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Hallo! My name is Josh, i'm 19 years of age and live in an urban habitat of Bolton. My favorite lesson is English. I have a cat called Albie. It Black. I live in a bungalow. It good. (wow my french was terrible as a child) I like writing about death,love and how inferior everyone is to everyone they know of. You know, usual teenage stuff. I tried to be quirky but failed as i realised i was just too grumpy to try and cheer people up. People think I'm 'really' sarcastic. I hate my computer because it corrects my english into american, so pardon my z's. Performed at the Poetry Pillow,Freed Up,Spotlight, OpenMind and Latitude and was host of Accidental Afternoon of Poetry. Winner of Poetry Pillow in May and Finalist at the Latitude poetry slam 2010. WInner of Bang Said the Gun open slam at the Edinburgh Fringe 2011


Thursday It's a long walk back home but as each step touches the paths behind us and our hands meet in my pocket i realise how lucky i should feel but with each step that claps the paths behind us i start to sweat and my palms become drenched in fear i may loose you again to other men but with each step that graces the paths behind us i tell myself to look into your eyes and as they connect with mine i forget every worry and tell you i love you in such a hurry but as our feet pound the paths behind us i think back to that one little mistake you made where i stayed at home to think about what i had done grasping the trigger of my gun It's not me it's you i tell my reflection every morning stop being so moody and boring and be at one with the person you love connect together like fingers to glove wrapping around their skin to give them comfort and keeping them warm and close together This isn't the first time you've made me afraid of myself This isn't the first time iv'e shed tears in your veins This isn't the first time we have damaged each others dreams This will be the last time however We argue again when we get home and you've left me to think about whatever it might be that made me hit you I scream 'Don't leave' as you slam the front door as i crumble to the floor embracing my knees for disillusioned warmth This is the final stand in the war against myself i pick up a knife from the kitchen draw carve a heart on my chest scream your name and draw my last breath in hell i imagine you heard it and regretted it all and blamed yourself for my fall but in heaven you cry but understood and i can't thank you enough ________________________________________ Glances In The Common Room Current mood: chipper Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes my dear it's clear for me to fear that one day i'll loose you some way it started as awkward glances to heartfelt romances silly little talks to sundown walks from pokes online to sharing wine private jokes to public provokes i know i might be to loud for you and you might think it profound but, i actually care for you gone are days looking for different ways to satisfy some pointless needs this is a want a want to old your hand, by the sea and on the sand a want to see you in the morning, to sit at a table and make you breakfast a want to watch a movie, to laugh together to cry together a want to say i bloody love you i know it's pretty early plus i'm feeling chirpy but i don't want to be another stain on your bed for you to forget all the things i said not to see them as me being flirty now this might be a bit to quick it might make you sick but i feel funny inside and it's better that i haven't lied i like you and i hope it's the same for you to not saying we were meant to be together or that you're my soul partner i wouldn't say that, never this is the happiest i've been in months and unfortunately you're to blame just tell me you feel the same

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Rod Tame

Tue 20th Jul 2010 10:16

Hi Josh, Saw your comment on my profile. Ta very much :) Hope to see you at some more events. I have been busy updating my profile etc.

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Tue 8th Jun 2010 21:14

Eh bien... and your French was terrible as a child?!
Merci beaucoup Josh pour tes remarques sur mon poème 'C'est la vie...'
'in a more driven way' huh... D'accord ; )

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Chris Dawson

Mon 7th Jun 2010 01:03

Hi Josh,
noticed your question to Darren - there are so many people on here who are very experienced performance poets - some of the best around, go and see as many of them as you are able - and don't be shy about getting up there yourself.
There is a monthly column about performing in 'Features' - written though by an actor who doesn't perform poetry! (no nerve for my own words)
Good luck.

darren thomas

Sun 6th Jun 2010 17:50

Hi Josh - if people think you're 'really sarcastic' then you're well on your way to becoming a writer of considerable worth.

There is a WOL at Bolton as Win has rightly stated - it was where I first ventured into the world of performance poetry before I was covered in meaningless accolades and non-existant awards. It's an ideal night on which to cut your (first?) teeth. Fill ya' boots and enjoy WOL to its full potential.


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Ann Foxglove

Sat 5th Jun 2010 13:23

Come on Josh! How about another blog? xx

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Winston (Admin)

Sat 22nd May 2010 20:37

Hi Josh, welcome to WOL. Enjoy.Maybe see you at Bolton WOL. Winston

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Thu 20th May 2010 02:25

Bienvenue à WOL Josh...
Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my poem
'Is it not enough...'
Writing it was quite cathartic ; )

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