200 Miles


Long walks over grassy knolls

Stumble over mounds dug by moles

The right amount of milk in the tea

Taking apart the couch looking for your key

The subtle intimacies that we share

That shows each other how much we care

Me staring at you when you sleep

Hitting my arm to call me a creep


This is our first Christmas together

But there’s a slight niggle getting in our way

Not a chance of a giggle in front of a tele special

Or a cosy snuggle by the fire


It’s 200 miles

And I won’t be seeing you for a while

We’ll make sure we stay in touch

With every day we have to dial

We won’t be spending Christmas together


But this I don’t mind

Because no matter how far we are

I know that in our heads

It won’t trouble us

We’ll indulge in a bubble

Waking up in a yuletide bed

To wrapping paper covered boxes

Those are full of knitted socks

From those who we spent Christmas with

Our parents and siblings

And memories of mornings with those gone

And although there will be a plate missing

At the dinner table and I’ll start wishing

That you could be here to enjoy

The company of my cousin and his new toy

I’m glad you’re doing the same 200 miles away

With those you love and cherish

Wearing jumpers that are garish

Knowing that I’ll be doing the same

Even though it’s pretty tame

Glad I’m happy 200 miles away


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