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Is it wrong to say that i love these tears

hate my fears

and avoid all cares

does it make sense to say that i love you but i cant love you

Im too in love with these tears

Im too terrified of these fears

the warmth of these drops rolling down my cheeks

the warmth of your skin on mine

palm to palm

dusk to dawn.

i dont love you anymore,

My heart is too pure for you

my love is too real for you to reciprocate

my tears fall for you

my heart bleeds for you

but these tears are mine

i'll pack it up and hide it under my bed

these tears are mine

You dont deserve my love

i dont deserve this life.

Take away my fears and leave me with my tears

Give me all my love but take along my cares.

These tears provide my warmth in the coldest nights.
when my mind began to cloud 

i began thinking out loud.

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Hannah Collins

Sun 1st Oct 2017 12:46

Sad but beautifully expressed, read it twice.

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