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her tears were like rain, it fell and fell but was soon dried up by the sun.


Her evils The secrets burning inside me, the secrets of temptations, the secrets of the past and the secrets of regrets. The demons and angels in me are at war, the burning sensation in my chest is as result of the ruins of war, pretending im pure, trying to escape the allure, struggling with glory and gore, i want this and more As i struggle with depression and violence, no one knows because of the silence, always a smile on my humble face and no one knew my disturbing case the pressures of the world began to oppress me, this continous war within me is eating me inside outside, turning away from the truth cos it seems no good has come from it My chest burns in flames, i cover my head in shame, trying to tame my mind and my heart is not an easy tasks but its one im determined to accomplish by my faith in- God, Religion, Music, and The truth. I must release the anger within me to free myself from the slavery of my mind, slave of my heart, slave of my love, slave of my mistakes, slave of my sins, slave of my habits, slave of my bitterness, slave of my jealousy, slave of my anger, slave of my madness, slave of my hate, slave of my denial, slave of my unbelief, slave of my thoughts, slave of my regrets, slave of my.... i must free myself of all these to truly have peace but for now i wallow in my anger and bitterness constantly battling my demons, not sure this comes with age or this comes with life but slowly its feasting on my heart, my love, my bones, my trust. struggling with depression since adolescence dying in silence. When my mind began to cloud, i began thinking out loud.

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keith jeffries

Mon 21st Aug 2017 09:50

Hello Eseosa, Thank you for your comment on my latest poem The Spirit. I appreciate it greatly. Keith

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