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21 Orde Avenue

We were too cold to oversleep

that first year in Wallsend.

The wind walked booming

into our lives, propelling us.


Battered, you were sweet to kiss,

breath and sweat of exertion

from riding into gale and air,

hair blow-waved, set by sea salt.


We ate no meat and my oven

was a cardboard box, foil-lined.

You brought treasures: lentils

and “A K...

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An Ending

He rang me to say I owed him,

I said, I dreamt this,

it is not true.

His African mask melted,

behind it I perceived his civilised demeanour.

This also faded.

A shadow fell between us.

For all I know, it was all just made up stuff.

To bring about an end

I walked away.

But in stark daylight,

to avoid shadows and dreams.

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Dark Words


There, inbetween words, are dark words:

non-words that whisper.

Sonar sounds

pulsating messages.

Still small voice of calm

to roars’ raging.

Listen now,

inside, between the corpusles,

behind your eyes,

the dark words speak.

Listen more closely this time.

If only you could be still enough,

if only you could be quiet enough:

switch off the...

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Flicker dripping wick

gently basking in amber:

solidified wisp.


Haiku by Petrova and Elaine

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