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Many things they come in threes 

Triangles ,tripods 

The three degrees.

Three Wise men they bring the presents

But there’s only two in a brace of pheasants 

Aliens you’ll often find , have 3 legs unlike mankind

A milking stool is very stable 

On its 3 legs , with milkmaid Mabel

Buses they always come in threes

You wait for one with aching knees

Then round the corner all they come 

Like a caterpillar on the run

And now we’ve got those what 3 words 

A point on planet how absurd

Triangulating where we are 

Be it next door or somewhere far 

Triplets definitely come in threes 

Unlike the worldly 7 seas 

But eventually when we shuffle off

Be it brought on by a cough

As listening to the funeral speech 

Some stand up some on their seats 

One thing that bugs me and gets me mad 

I’ll only be allowed 3 songs , that’s sad

I’ve got hundreds that they could play 

I’d hold them up for all the day 

Just 3 to choose from , from my life 

The worsts thing,  chosen by my wife 

I absolutely hate the Three Degrees 

Give me Jimi , please please please.


04/05/2024 22:00-22:20





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Pete (edbreathe)

Sun 19th May 2024 22:25

Thanks Stephen
Come on , get up to date , it’s a Bond Bug !!!
I’ll have to re write it now ,!

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 6th May 2024 07:32

Wot, no Reliant Robin? Great stuff, Pete!!

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 5th May 2024 18:06

Intriguing subject-set out in entertaining style.

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