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The thin zone is barley seen

Lurking between the sea and the sky , 

A slice of mist 

Blink and it’s gone 

It hides between the sun and the moon

A sliver of the cosmos 

Infinite in its depth 

Drawing the eye 

Playing with the dawn 

Appearing somewhere and nowhere 

Always out of reach

Ahead of the game 

Leading a dance amongst the stars 

The thin zone 

Between Heaven and Earth 

Between Heaven and Hell

It’s there on the lips of lovers

A touch of the bow on the string

The seen and unseen 

To see and yet not see

Always shifting, in peripheral vision

Teasing with its glory 

Inert , brooding , asleep 

Promising hope 

There for all mankind 

If it could only be seen 









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David RL Moore

Tue 16th Apr 2024 08:21

An interesting poem Ed,

I go to Ardnamurchan and The Hebrides most years, it's thin up there. A feeling of being in nature and generally closer to something just beyond our grasp. It's a wonderful place to be, both physically and emotionally.

I have no God but I understand the term "thin" it isn't a word you hear used much South of Carlisle or by people occupying our Cities.


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keith jeffries

Mon 15th Apr 2024 22:32

An interesting use of the word sliver. In this poem I feel as if I am taken into the cosmos which does not have the dimensions we experience here on this plant. The seen and the unseen which are both close, each of one and of the other also. A part of an even greater mystery.
I enjoyed this poem and thank you for it.

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