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There are portals in the world 

Black holes 

Entrances and exits , to alien worlds 

Some in the mind some in the flesh

Where souls pass 

Doors unseen to be stumbled through ,

Mystical whirlpools that suck in

the unwary.

Some so powerful and huge they radiate to touch all of mankind.

The closer they are the more their power

Bending time, space and minds.

Blurring right and wrong 

These portals walls are drenched in blood , guts and offal

They are the portals to hell, 

don’t stand too close.

They masquerade as cradles of humanity 

But they are graves for the unwary

And unwise 

They are where black and white , fire and ice , right and wrong, wrestle a gargantuan struggle. 

There is such a portal and it can’t be plugged, there is too much blood on it’s slippery sides , it flames too hot to get close , it’s right and it’s wrong blended by Him

Into infinite slaughter of no escape,. 









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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sun 10th Dec 2023 20:05

I wonder what the man Jesus would have to say about the Jerusalem of today? He would surely weep.

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Sun 10th Dec 2023 14:01

A profound, challenging poem, Edbreathe. Perhaps more will be understood when one crosses over the river of life into spirit.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 10th Dec 2023 09:08

A mighty poem, Pete. Disturbing in its strange exultation.

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