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DCBMTHAC(Don’t Come Back My Time Has Already Come

How you gonna try to come back 
You the one that ran away like track
Man like a x I don’t want you back 
I told you trust the process 
You wouldn’t even do that 
When u left I heard you a nat a thot a hoe 
Nah I don’t miss that 
You took me as a joke you shouldn’t have did that 

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MIWTKBIH(memories I want to keep but it hurts)

You said that you can get over anything if you got over me 
But you did dirtt to so why everything being held over me 
I get you over me 
You don’t want nothing to do with me 
You graduated from me 
This gon sound selfish but I thought you really loved me
Yeah I left but I never stopped loving you 
Whenever you was going through something I was always there for you 
I’m not even gonna try ...

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I know my time coming soon 
So that’s why I just go with the move 
I hope when it comes i go asap
That’s why I don’t stress no get back m
I hop when they hit me they hit all of that 
Shoot me in the head & stomach I want them to make sure I’m dead
I hope I don’t survive I don’t wanna be saved 



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IAS(I Ain’t Shit)

You don’t really love me 
I know you’ll leave when shit start to get ugly 
I already know that you ain’t for me 
You won’t hold me but you’ll fuck me
You say you for me but God already told me you not the one for me 
I’m still drinking thinking about c Gordon 
I don’t know why she played me to the left 
I must’ve been boring 
Cant be we stayed up all morning 
She kept me up with her snori...

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They hate

I’m not sad I’m just done with life 
Y’all Niggas’s don’t fwm like y’all say 
Whenever I’m home y’all don’t come y’all stay 
If I’m broke down homeless y’all won’t give me a place 
I was up and I was helping 
Now y’all doing better so y’all gon shit in my face
I love y’all so much but y’all undercover hate 
You don’t show it but if I come to y’all
I know y’all gonna shoot me with mace
I w...

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I changed my whole life 
I did it for myself 
I don’t have a wife 
Still having nightmares 
I can’t sleep at night 
Member I got stabbed up with a knife
Praying to god I don’t loose my life 
Still missing Leila 
She suppose to be my wife 
I’ll never forgive myself 
I cheated and left her 
Ever since then my life ain’t been right 
I wish she was there on them lonely nights 
I really wi...

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🌷 (1)


I never lied I never cheated 
Never put my hands on it 
Her cat the only thing I’m beating 
I told you I loved you 
I showed you the meaning 


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No Love

Why you do me so wrong 
Why you shit on me all day long 
U do me dirty like a damn tampon 
Haven’t heard from you all day long 
Like cmon 
Look at the shit u be on 
U do me like a damn peon 
What type of love is this 
Why you gotta put me thru this


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Back Then


I remember days Ian even have no food 
Tryna stay in school but dem folks ain’t teach me sht
Failing all my classes got me feeling like some shit 
Different day but a nigga wore the same shit 
Momma den have no money for different outfits 
Prolly wore the same cloths back in 06 
All I ever wanted was some money and a fit 
Never stressed bout a bitch cuz I kept a bitch 
Prolly gotta te...

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I thought

How u go do a ni$$& like that 

How u go stab a ni$&@ inna back 

Thought that you really loved me like that 

F@$& yo spine I had ya back 

Now I’m looking forward I ain’t going back

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break upcheatLoveokaypain

Not The Same

So much pain I try to keep it tamed 
We grew up different we not the same
The shit u do is fine the shit I do draw the line
Yo family there when u fall 
My family flat out don’t care 
U had everything 
I had to jugg everything 
I guess sometimes life ain’t fair 
It’s more to me then a ugky face with long hair 
Always been small but ion have fear 
Some nights I couldn’t sleep 
Many night...

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What if I fail 

What if everything that I hope to accomplish 

Becomes reality 

What if I really be on mtv 

Would that  change a “U don’t mean shit to me” 

To you mean the most to me 

Let me stop 

Let me pause 

I never did good 

So I never got a round of applause 

Always found myself behind bars 

For not following the laws 

It seems crazy I always wanted...

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caredeaddepressiondoubtforgivehatelonelyloveself esteem

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