A Field Trip to Belize

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An ocean so crystal clear,

Watching the Southern Stingrays glide beneath the Pier.

An Island laden with palm trees,

With coconuts as many as you please.


Take a dive into the deep,

And from the Coral they will peep.

The bluest Blue Tang and the rockiest Rock Beauty,

The melodious French Grunt, a humorous Clown Wrasse and Sergeant Major on duty.


It’s a mystifying canvas, so exquisite,

Colours so explicit.

The Yellowhead Wrasse or the Peacock Flounder,

How many will one encounter?


Submerging into the darkness,

A new world of richness,

A swift glance of a glowing Moray Eel,

There is yet much more to reveal.


But as the Cushion Sea Stars shimmer,

The lights reduce to a glimmer,

The mysteries of the brine,

Will continue to enshrine.

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D Joshi

Thu 11th Feb 2021 20:13

Thank you Brian ?

Thank you for sharing your experience Andy. And yes the island life is considerably different to the mainland. I was there in 2014 spent a week on the mainland then a week on Tobacco Cayes at their Marine station for a university research project. Best two weeks I’ve had ?

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andy simons

Thu 11th Feb 2021 19:23

Good poem. I was in Belize in 1980. I lived on Ambergris Kaye while recovering from la touristas - which I got in Cancun. It was hell going through Belize and staying in Belize city. Once I got to the island it was heaven. I was on the reef a few times. This takes me back.

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Brian Hodgkinson

Thu 11th Feb 2021 18:36

Great word painting. Reminds me of my time in Hawaii. MMM I miss some of that.

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D Joshi

Thu 11th Feb 2021 17:50

Thank you for the Likes ?

And yes Julie, Belize is such a beautiful country. Well worth a visit one day ..

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julie callaghan

Thu 11th Feb 2021 16:19

My kind of trip, one day....

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