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If It Started This Christmas

As the year moves ever closer to it’s end,
I wish to call out to each and every friend,
to say I wish them all peace and goodwill,
with plenty to eat & even some wine to spill.

The greatest gift I could wish to see for us all,
would be peace and love forever, so that we’d recall,
it started one Christmas and was then always adored,
I believe if we share goodwill we never would be bored.


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Don't You Dare

Don't you dare lie to us about Islam 

Don't you dare say ISIS is more than just a sham

The truth is Islam is all about peace and that's a fact

The truth is ISIS has no truth at all, it's all just an act


For just like Christianity, Islam has been misused

For just like Christianity, Islam has been abused

By power seeking maniacs who speak no truth at all

There’s never been ...

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Peace Is Sanity

Peace is the true path of sanity,
Violence is surely born of vanity,
the vain believe that they deserve more,
the sane know that’s a danger for sure,
as only when we share in all that we do,
can anything belong securely to you…

Peace comes from being alert to the needs,
of all in the world be it for clean water or seeds,
we know there’s more than enough food wasted,
that could be shared...

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Our Mark In History

To sit here and quietly reminisce,
is to kindly blow our history a kiss...
A kiss is fondness sent to embrace,
a darling child or yet my lovers face...

My lovers face is mine to gaze upon,
and feel the warmth I've known so long...
I've known so long about this wicked world,
where we wish to see the peace flag unfurled...

The peace flag unfurled would make so much s...

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Don't ever think that you could be naive,
just because violent deaths make you grieve,
for the choice to kill is itself an unwordly act,
beheading party goers is abhorrent, that's a fact
for to kill is only to invite revenge to come your way,
many can be sure that is how they will die one day.
In the long history of violence it is plain to see,
those that...

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no No NO NO!


Love is quite assuredly the only way,
as hatred never brings a bright new day,
we cannot make a future from reliving the past,
history clearly says those ways could never last,
death and destruction wastes the lives of innocents,
to carry on like that would just be moral impotence.
Make the world see that violence is little more than vile,
only with love ...

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Worlds Apart


The real world is different for those born within strife,
if they are lucky they may grow to become husband or wife,
but for many, boy soldiers is what they were forced to become,
only eleven years old, but still their burden is to carry a gun.
How many live long enough to know that there are other ways,
within another country they wouldn't have been made militar...

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One Planet, One People


One planet, one people, 
one last chance to survive,
if we don't work together now, 
just how will our children thrive?
Take a fresh look at the facts,
and think hard for a while,
it makes sense to adopt peace,
so we can all eat and smile.
There's nothing hard about sharing,
we just need to put aside all the junk,
that's destined for the...

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As 2012 Approaches


As twenty twelve approaches, 
all our futures are unsure,
but combined efforts can provide,
means to join us all the more,
in ways to solve our problems,
by supplying food, not arms,
putting aside those age old conflicts,
that have only ever caused us harm.
It will take but our willing hearts,
to make the change from ways of old,
that have nev...

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All The Love In The World


I would like to live long enough to one day see,
the many people in this world sharing harmony,
caring for all, not just those they see each day,
sharing all their burdens freely and also some play.
Will it take a millenium or more to reach that state,
or can we wake everyone to take this dream and make,
a world fit for our brothers and sisters wherever...

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Nine Eleven - Version 2


As I re-read this piece I felt it warranted some tidying up, so here is version 2
Nine Eleven 
No words of mine or others can change what went before
We can but stand in silence and remember them once more
Though years roll by without restraint and some images fade
The sights we saw upon that day are indelibly engraved
So hear a plea around the wo...

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Grains Of Sand

Peer amid the Pyramids
Can you count the grains of sand?
There are more than enough there
to build pathways to a new land.

Cement them all together then
and let's do the same with man,
make the effort to bring strength
and peace that all can understand.

For in the end there will be a need
for peace if mankind is to survive,
as only without these conflicts can
we hope...

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As it is Johns 70th today, here is my tribute poem



John the artist played at a pace that didnt slack
He was a bold young figure, the leader of the pack
Quarried in that Mersey town and crafted into rock
Solid from the outset, his band was hard to knock
More talent than the many other groups that were around
The Beatles got the world to dig their Mersey sound
Apprentice served in ...

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Through Differing Prayers


Nine brave souls on the Irene
sailed to show the world a scene
where not all Jewish voices scream
for a blockade on Gaza's dream
of a future without deprivation
for that tiny short changed nation
No violence was incurred today
but the goods were a token some would say
though tokens from within their own
may gain some votes that could dethrone
those ...

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The living death of those oppressed
should long ago have been addressed
by those that we entrust with power,
their own comforts ensured by the hour.

Now in this world some corrupt schemes
ensure the rich will get their dreams,
while most will perish with naught to show
for all the time they struggled to grow.

Must survi...

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2010 - A Year for Peace & Goodwill?

A new year dawns as many before,
will 2010 bring what we ask for?
A peaceful future that all can share
with the wealthy showing that they care?

In my hopes as ever that would be the plan
for without compassion what distinguishes man?
We may have tools and brains to embrace
technologies to help the human race

But if those minds just persue all with greed
then we ignore those with more pressing need
For f...

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