Peace Is Sanity

Peace is the true path of sanity,
Violence is surely born of vanity,
the vain believe that they deserve more,
the sane know that’s a danger for sure,
as only when we share in all that we do,
can anything belong securely to you…

Peace comes from being alert to the needs,
of all in the world be it for clean water or seeds,
we know there’s more than enough food wasted,
that could be shared around so it all gets tasted,
so why should anyone feel a need to fight to survive,
if they're given their rightful share to keep them all alive…


February 1st 2015


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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Thu 5th Feb 2015 20:45

Many thanks for your detailed comment - I'm sure we all wish to see the world in a stable and progressively improving condition rather than the current sharp decline in both environmental and humanitarian matters. Our kids deserve better than the mess our politicians are making...

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 5th Feb 2015 14:47

The title says it all. Much is made of the West
pillaging the rest of the world but there is
also the positive contribution of knowledge and
aid that sees arid places become productive and
people survive ignorance, deadly disease and privation.
We must remain aware of common interest in the
maintenance of a sane healthy world and share what
we can to that same end.

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Wed 4th Feb 2015 19:20

Thank you Jackie :) Best wishes, Dave

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Jackie Phillips

Wed 4th Feb 2015 15:56

Some great sentiments. :-D

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