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Dear Me

The illusion that you're living
Patty and desperate for attention
The conditions that you wanted is not meant
Your broken wings won't get you far

You have a problem with moving on
Darling, you think you wrote the rules to the game
I had to spell check them so I know better
The fabrics that hold your delusions together is ripping
I thought you said that you matured

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Firefly Crying Skies

I know times are dark right now
But it's okay to be sad 
Even the sky cries tonight 
So don't be scared to cry

We all see someone
In memories, we will live forever
So talk about them until daybreak's
It's okay to be alone in the dark
I will always be here 

I know she's not physically here anymore
She's still alive in your mind 
With that, she lives forever in you
All the colours in...

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Forest Fire

I admitted that my wrongs
I let them beat me to the ground
You can't see the end without drowning 
The misery is all you're ever know
How is misery treating you it's treating me well

It's show and tell dear 
I'll let you go first  
My turn is going to take all-day
The abuse, the lying all of it 
Built a wall to not trust anyone

I apologize about a thousand times
When you just got pi...

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He'll never be good enough for her
He asked her why she had to leave
He was willing to do anything just anything
To keep her close and never let go

He wanted to marry her and get lost in a small family 
He wanted to prove to her that he truly love her
He slowly went into figuring out that
He was ever going to be good enough

He loved her too much
He was always there for her no matter w...

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Inside Me

Why can't you understand
The best of us is dying
So don't look into the dark 

As my broken body rots
I see the light burning into the holes 
No one  will understand how you breath
So what keeps you moving 

I've never been important to anyone
So how could I fix myself
When no one took the time to see me

I'm shaking at unshakable
So here is my last word 
Please tell me 
Please tel...

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Space Cowboy (Bad Cowboy)

When did I become the void
The air is becoming shortening
So there is no way out 
Hold me now I can't see the light

I"ve become the hollow 
No raindrops on my head
I"ve become the hollow
I am here on my own 

Do you hear it space cowboy
Father is home
Now we all will feel his pain
The Sinners will die there's no dents need it this time

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Capital O.L,D M,E

I've been trying to get my head up like a buoy
It's no use I'm drowning already
I'm lost at sea 
Throwing up from the vertical

I didn't lie when I told you 
I loved you but you surely did
You broke all of your promises 
Didn't even flinch from it

It would have been easier if you killed me
Because I loved you 
I tried to be everything for you
Like always I'm never good enough

Sew ...

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I can't fix this 
The cloak doesn't stop 
I'm alone in this room 
So one more fight, one more fight

I'll call this done 
I'll never find my way home 
So let me bleed out, it's okay 
Tonight I'm alone with my demons
I've never been obsessed with anything but my death
I can't forgive myself oh I can't forgive myself
The thoughts are so overwhelming
I'm so sorry

I can't fix this 

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One more cut won't hurt 
One more cut I"ll see I am still alive
One more cut and no one will know 
One more cut I can be happy 
One more cut that's all I need 
One more cut so I won't be numb 
One more cut and it will be my last
One more cut I can forget her name 
One more cut that's all I need please don't be mad 


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these days it's really hard to get the words I need to say out

I let you use me 
Have your way 
You still didn't stay
The memories make me want to die

Why won't you stay 
I told you no 
But you still had your way
I just don't want to be alone 

If you would stay 
I don't want to be alone 
Goddammit I'm a product of abuse  
It doesn't feel good

Set my world on fire
I'm not obsessed with you 
I'm obsessed with not dying alone

I'll let you ...

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No Where But Down

Suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide diving suicide di...

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