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Little Crow and The Human

Little Crow Little Crow why are you following me?

Little Crow Little Crow why is your eyes made from buttons?

Little Crow Little Crow why are you so perfect?

Little Crow Little Crow what do you mean I have to remove my eyes?


Human oh human how wonderful I want you in my collection.

Human oh human for no one can have me, I see you there wanting my eyes.

Human oh human I am pe...

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By Bring Me The Horizon - Follow You (Lyrics)

So you can drag me through Hell
If it meant I could hold your hand
I will follow you cause I'm under your spell
And you can throw me to the flames
I will follow you, I will follow you

Come sink into me and let me breathe you in
I'll be your gravity, you be my oxygen
So dig two graves cause when you die
I swear I'll be leaving by your side


I do not own the rights to this song. All...

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Hollow Bones (Lyrics)

My fate is my own
This indecision wasn't mine 
Is this my life (I don't believe so.)

These grey skies are so dim
These hollow bones
These hollow bones 
Breaking under pressure

I cannot fear what you cannot see
Throne of thorns and wire behind it all
Is this apple wretched or is it forsaken now
Burn your letters now 
The memories of them will still be there
Is this more than you can...

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Crooked Little Thoughts (Lyrics)

How could you ever understand 
It was never about you

So take me to the bridge
String me up like a Christmas ornament
And leave me to die

Oh it's not appropriate for me to say
On my knees crying to God
I'm forever gone, play me off with a fiddle
Did you think everyone 
Was just going to end with a happy ending

So take me to the bridge
String me up like a Christmas ornament
And le...

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This is not a fever for my bones hurt 

This is not a fever for it is hard to swallow anything

This is not a fever for it is getting harder and harder to breathe

This is not a fever for my hand is numb and my heart is hurting

This is not a fever 


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Words To A Firefly

I'm worried about how this will end

Will anyone even miss me?

I didn't do much in this world

Goodbye isn't something I want to say to you

But If I don't do it soon will I get to

Before my death comes for me?

I don't want this but I can feel it in my bones

I don't have much time left

So I want you to know I love you and thank you for everything.

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Words of The Waiting Man 8

Forever waiting 
Is that what they call this 
Most of you would call me dumb
And tell me to move on 

But I won't and I can't 
I gave my word and I'd always be here for her
I'd always love her 
It comes so easy to me 

So yes I am the waiting man 
The lighthouse is on fire 
But there's a storm coming
I can feel in it the air

So with this I want you to know 
I'll never give up on y...

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Do you remember me?
The ghost of you I chased 
Left me wishing death would come soon
You can only drink so much 
Until it doesn't numb the pain anymore

So let me give you my love
I won't let you sink into the agony like I did
I got your back forever and always
So let this be my word let this be my vow

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Words of The Waiting Man 7

I'm never going to give up on you 
Even when you push me out
I'll always be yours

I'll fight for you, you're worth it
Firefly I'll try my best to make you laugh
I will always be yours 

I still get lost in your voice
Could ever be enough for you 
Cause you're precious to me
I will always be yours 

Like I told you I would walk through hell 
Just to hold you'er hand 
I'll always be ...

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Lovely Sounds

I feel unstoppable
And happy her voice ringing in my head
What a lovely sound 
I feel like the misery is gone for now
She is the one thing that makes things better
My heart isn't hurting as bad
I feel like I can do anything
Her voice is so uplifting
So great in every way 

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Birth Defect

I was drowning in this tar pit 
But my metaphor mind couldn't keep up
My anxiety owns me
It destroyed me without a word

Feel free to ask questions
I am the son of unholy lights
So it's not who I could be

I can't die but I'm already die 
Do you feel me? 
My love is always there for you 
I won't let them hurt you 

I can't die but I'm already die 
Do you feel me ?
My love is always...

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A Shoulder To Lean On

I see the noose wrapped around your throat
So don't jump or I'll go with you
This isn't the same man you loved you
Back we when he was lost
I found myself in you 

So call me by any name
But I'll always be here for you
I don't care if you don't feel the same anymore
I'll always be here to pick you up

Your my best friend and the woman I love
I understand you better than most people

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The Proposal

We never really change
We just get older and wiser
So don't act like you're better than me
You're still naive just like me

I gave my heart to you in the form of a ring
I know it's a little beat up but it was all I had
But it wasn't good enough for you

There was a moment 
That I felt like I was unstoppable 
But you took that away

When you took that ring off 
I wanted to die, was it...

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To My Future Child

In a world of violence
You might lose the thing that makes you special
But never forget to be kind

In a world of violence
Never throw people that love you to the waste side
Because true love is something hard to find
In world that's decided hatred is the right way

In a world of violence
Don't point or make fun of people 
That has less than you

Oh dear child of mine
I bet you would...

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Words of The Waiting Man 6

The lack of letters I'm coming up with is astounding
I was a melancholy dream away 
From actually tell you 
This lighthouse feels more like a prison
But I'll be okay with it

The waiting man waits
With sewn lips he can only cry
For she is gone and never to return

He remembers the good times
But there's this poisonous sound 
Forever beckoning him to die here
What is sweet tongue-tied ...

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No One Ups

(I'm sorry for posting this but I write about the things that I'm feeling and right now this is 100% of how I feel.)


My heart is beating out of my chest

And I can't catch my breath

My arms gone completely numb again

I'm praying to God I don't believe in

For this maybe the end me I'm only 23


When Blink-182 said that no one likes you

When you're 23 I didn't think


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In A Parallel Universe

Canada is treating me well
I know I come off strong
These chemicals are all caught up in my brain
So hold your tongue 
Don't you dare say them three little words

You're just so cruel with all your words
Can you shut up and just let me think
It wouldn't be love if I let you back in
Stop calling me handsome we all know your games

What if you're not playing games 
What if you've actuall...

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A Daily Reminder

We all start out with good intentions but lose yourself along the way.


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Toronto, Canada

I poured out my heart 
To make a beautiful bright light
But it was over exposure

All we are is flawed
And that's just enough for me now
Four little letters but they can't save us now
All we are is flawed 

Skin with interior that makes us
How can we love without hurting? 
How can we love, when we are made of something so squishy?
If love is so important then why doesn't everyone get i...

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I Need A Proverb.

Who am I?
This familiar feeling
Is it pain or happiness
Breaking me down 

Is it okay to breathe again?
I don't think I fit here
So can you find me a place where I'm normal
Without me I know it's okay
The stress is finally getting to me

I can cry all I want 
I'm still the big bad wolf
It's not fine, but what is fine?
Am I delusional has it always been there
I'm the butt of the joke


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I'm getting worried about her

I know she isn't mine 

But I still love her

I promised her I'd wait

I always get scared that she's in trouble

She's the only girl who has my hreat 

I don't care if she is my ex

I'll always love her

If she dies I die

Cause I made a vow 

I'll keep it until death comes for me

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You don't understand 
Girl I see you there
Crying and act like everything is oaky
You should have made him your ex last year

Drastic measures call for drastic actions 
Swallow your idioms call this a fun night
When is the last time you had something like that?

You make me want to live the American dream
Have one of them cliche little white fences
But he had to take my love didn't he

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I don't rap but this is my song 
I know I'm tall as King Kong
So I'm sorry if this end too long 
I still love my ex I know I'm in the wrong
So when it hits the gong

So I'm going to say goodnight 
Don't say that I didn't try
I guess this is a chorus but it's not that catchy
Monotone and I know I can't sing

All my YouTube videos are clickbait
Don't worry about it Firefly I'll still wai...

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The Gun

We all walk a path that can't follow
Angels will fade here
Taking a life doesn't make it better
I know the way your feeling the rage inside
Drop the gun my child it's not worth it

Revenge has never healed a wound
The gun won't fix anything now
So please become more

Mornings go the morning come
There's always a new dawn before you know it
So just keep on walking please
The gun in you...

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Writer's Block

This story need to be told 
But nothing is coming out 
I guess writer's block has me again

Little did I know 
It would come out in a song 
I don't need a metaphor for you 
To understand that I can't write right now

I should work on this story 
But writer's block has me 
It's eating away at my brain

I just want to work on this story 
But I'm here withering this song 
The world doe...

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Lover Boy

She doesn't come around anymore
She knows all my love is still there for her
I'll always love her it comes easy
Don't think for one night I don't want you 
Don't think I don't love you

It's so easy to say I'd pick you 
Over my job I'd give up the craving to be famous
To hold you again but if I do 
How will we see the world 
Oh wait I have you 
So I would haven't to see the world 

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The Death of Our World (Lyrics)

Carelessly ignorant
What a way to live your life
America the beautiful what a way to fall
What a way to live your life

It's do or die 
It's do or die 
It's do or die

So what are you waiting on
Imagination can't win this war
Under a burning sun 
The people you love the most fall

So when the seas run red
And the air is too hot to breathe in
Well then we should have listened 
To t...

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Am I asleep again
Cause your here talking to me 
As the tears come falling out of my eyes
I love you please don't go again

Am I dreaming or is this real?
If I'm dreaming then I'm being cruel to myself
So don't wake up cause I want to hold her
Listen to everything she has to say
Get loses into her words

So please don't let this be a dream
Cause I'm done waking up 
And her being gone 


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Trust Issues

It's okay I only opened up to you
But now I feel like an idiot
Cause you didn't stay 
It's lonely but I'll get so high 
Just to fall into your mind

I have these trust issues until I die
So don't ask why
It's lonely here being so high
Trick myself into believing you didn't lie
You made me cry 
I could keep rhyming 
So here's me trying to show you I can fly
But I'll stop before I die


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Start Over Again. (This is A Song.)

As I start over again
Defining brutally honesty
In your eyes you see
How the ending will be

So go run and hide from me 
But the hole you left here 
Will always be there

I almost made it completely clear
But I stumbled over my words
There is no one but me to blame
For the way the words hit the ground

As I start over again
I get the feeling that I'm gone
So I can tell myself 

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Second of Clarity

If I had make a song about my life
It would be about how busy I am nowadays
The only time I get to think about you 
Is when I'm about to sleep

I'm so busy with YouTube
My band and the book I'm writing
But I still would stop everything 
Just to hold you

You give me something to smile about
Please don't get mad at me but I love you
I just want to lay around and listen to you speak

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Intelligent Conversations

Tell me how no one can know 
About me and you 
Cause you have a boyfriend
But we both know I don't care about you

I don't love you and I don't see 
This becoming anything more
So tell me I'll end up lonely
I didn't come here for sex
But you still try and cost it out of me

I don't care about you 
I love a girl who had intelligent conversations 
With me but nowadays 
These girls just...

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If your grand design was nothing but love
For a girl that doesn't love him anymore
But he made a vow to love her forever
But his a mile away from home 
And there isn't any payphones near

This is a story of a kid who
His grandfather took care of him everyday
That kid seem more abuse then most adults in their whole life
The worst thing about this
That kid thought them death was the only a...

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Robin Williams - Quote

I'd ask you about love, you'd probably quote me a sonnet. But you've never looked at a woman and been totally vulnerable. Known someone that could level you with her eyes, feeling like God put an angel on earth just for you. Who could rescue you from the depths of hell. And you wouldn't know what it's like to be her angel, to have that love for her, be there forever, through anything, through canc...

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You die happy or you find misery
There's nothing in between
But a gray haze that we called boredom
So confused it for depression everyone does
But lately I feel like there's no time left

So let me use proper nouns 
To let you know how I feel
Because fairness is just a delusion 
In your head that you think that you deserve

I was born in this world to die
So hate me judge me I don't ca...

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Under The Street Lights/A Moment of Clarity

I told her I'd never give up
So please let me know I'm doing the right thing
Cause I could go find a new girl 
But I wouldn't be happy

The long nights is killing me 
But I'm under the street lights again
Waiting for you trying to keep warm 
The nights are getting cold

Home is something that isn't real
Without you by my side 
I don't know if you understand 
But I can't break my promi...

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One True Love

If you only get one true love 
What happens if you give that love up?

I can't win your heart 
With mine scarred like it is my dear
If you do not see the end of the story 
Before it fades into a new ending
There can only be one love

Thorns in my hand pouring blood
Just shows how powerless I'm to my fate
There is no life after this
But I'll keep going on until you see
God is a tear fr...

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The light is fading 
But the long nights 
Won't make love without kind words
So what are you trying to say

Like a ruptured lung
Has turned the hand of fate 
Goddamn why could you stay
Now I'm here all alone getting older
My love for you only showed at nights

Watercolor paintings will never be painted again 
Without you here winter will be colder
And summer won't sang sweet songs

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Just A Message Away

I don't ask much of of my life
The only thing I really ask for is 
To know she is alive and breathing
Cause she is my sun, my moon and all the stars
Even if she isn't mine anymore

I'll always love her for who she really is
And I always want to be the guy 
That she knows won't lie to her 
Or want her for sex
But for who she is that day

No I don't get to talk to her 
Much anymore but ...

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The Cycles

Whay dose the cycles always repeat themselves?

Like a hurricane turning in and out repeatedly beating itself

The mine weeps for answers that it will never get

For keeping the mind occupied from the sadness inside of us

The more we exiled people we love the more violent we get

Oh look my love this isn't me kicking you when your down

This is me telling you 

The sadness never gos...

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Self-harm can you go away
I've been addicted to it since I was 13
I never expected it to get this bad again 
I thought I would get over it and just move on like it was a phase

The blood is pouring out 
But I'm slowly accepting that this is fate
Thank you for showing me love
But it's too late now 

I've always struggled with the razor blade
I think it's the pain I crave
One cut will fr...

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As the eye in the sky falls upon its dawn
His innocence run red
Try to  kill what is inside 
But red runs into the town tonight

She is lost into what man has done to her
Innocence token before she was old enough to know what love was
So the streets will run red for the men that took her innocence away
For these men will know the suffering that she feels
There is no heaven for me for what...

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I miss her

I miss her

I miss her voice

I miss how she tell stories with her hands

I miss the way she is right about me 

I miss the way she hugs me 

I miss her kisses 

I  miss her cuddling next to me when my heart hurts

I miss the way her made me feel alive

I miss the everything about her but most of all

I miss her 


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Words of The Waiting Man 5

I wrote a hundred six songs 
And none of them captures my love for you
Is this breaking even or just breaking
If I was honest I would have told you 
I hate how you know his a liar 
Doesn't love you his still in love with his exes

The waiting man can wait 
But time has stopped 
This lighthouse won't shine no more
Discarding something so beautiful would be a sin

The cravings in the sky...

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Better Man

All them night she would get drunk 
I'd walk and walk just to pick her up
Because I'd get so worried 
That she had one too many beers 
I didn't want her to fall and get hurt 

Them night I wouldn't take back 
You made me see your light
Your the firefly and I'm the little kid who adores you
Who only wants the best for you 

The radio's playing have faith in me
So don't you give up on me

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Flawless Nights

The less you see of who I'm 
The better you are 
It's okay if I go for a week 
You wouldn't miss my face anyway

Flawless nights are ghosts 
From here on out 
I'll listen too you without breathing  
Who the fuck am I now 
This love is a porn star away from killing us 

Is it okay to be happy and dead at the same time
Who the fuck I'm trying to impress
I've been with you for a year

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All the dead memories in my head
I know I shouldn't focus on them
I can't tell myself to let go 
The consequences of my actions 
Have led me here

Wondering if I'm a good person or not
I used to be a pathological liar
But I stop lying in February of last year
Yes I've lied once since then and I'm sorry about that
I should of told her the truth

Wondering if I'm a good person or not

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Empty Letters At The Sea Line (July 12, 2011)

I've been walking on this walkway for years 
But only empty Letters come to me by the sea
So is anybody out there who can hear me
Without me giving myself away

My soul was lost at sea 
But my body would wake just to see a home
What will never be living in 
without you here how can I breath
one day we will love again like the moon and the sea

I'll fall away if you show me how to
I'm c...

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