the old woman in the upstairs window

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the old woman in the upstairs window


the old woman’s cottage

out in the woods

on a small dirt road

was a mystical place

for the boy and his friends


they were told by

other boys that a

ghost lived with her


they got a glimpse

of her once when she

went to the well

to draw a bucket


she wore a long black dress

and white hair down to her waist


she did not see them


one  dark night they snuck

out to the road in the woods

to see if they could see her


as they neared

they saw a light shinning

from the upstairs window

it eerily lit up the woods


they watched for movement

but saw none

they waited

and waited


finally, there was movement

in the window

two silhouetted figures

waltzing around the room


they could hear faint music

coming through the night

wailing music like one hears at

a southerner’s funeral


the old woman and her ghost

were dancing to her

own funeral music


the boys did not wait to

see what happened next

            they ran home faster

            than a ghost could fly


            the next night they were

            curious enough to go one

more time to the cottage


the upstairs light was no more

the music was no more


they were never going

to share their story with anyone


some secrets are to be buried

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