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someone's forgotten cottage

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someone’s forgotten cottage



walking in the woods

I discovered

an old deserted cottage


weeds and thicket grew all around

the windows were gone

old curtains blew in the

breeze seeming to enjoy their

almost freedom


old chairs sitting in front

of the cottage wasting away

in the rain sun and snow


if I look hard enough might

I get a glimpse of the old couple

who lived within these humble walls


if I listen to the silence

might I hear a baby cry

a child laugh

a mother washing clothes

on an old scrub board


were the curtains sewn from

feed sacks by the woman

was the old cottage built by the man


were there kids in this tiny 

cottage and possibly a dog a cat


was there a small loft

where the kids slept snuggled 

to stay warm on cold winter nights


was there love in this cottage

enough to meet the struggles of

daily wear and tear on the family


we will never know who lived here

or why they left 


parts of it have

somehow survived the

decay of the elements

over the decades


we can live with the

ones who lived here if

only in our imaginations


◄ woods filled with snow

four walls ►


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clyde McCulley

Sun 7th Mar 2021 17:11

Stephen, thank you for your words. Greatly appreciated.

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clyde McCulley

Sun 7th Mar 2021 17:11

Keith thank you for a great critique. It is really appreciated. Yes, people do need to reread a poem several times to get the impact of what the poet is want to describe.

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keith jeffries

Sat 6th Mar 2021 20:39

Poetry at its best, sensitively described with an imagination that has nostalgic quality and takes the reader to the cottage with questions which cannot be answered but only pondered over. The illustration is perfect but not essential as the poem itself conjures up such a place without having to actually see it. It merits several readings to absorb its content as it has the ability to trigger other people's imaginations about similar places.

Thank you for this

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Stephen Atkinson

Sat 6th Mar 2021 18:16

Triggers the imagination beautifully. Great stuff!

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