thinking of robert frost


thinking of a poet



in a new england village

an old man wandered

the road towards me

thick crop of frosted hair


snowflakes started to fall


he shuffled along

looking here

looking there


a flight of geese

flew in a perfect V pattern



he watched them disappear

then walked

towards me slowly

a bit confused


hello I said

lovely morning

he looked startled

then greeted me


where is a fine man like you

traveling on a snowy day


he looked at me quizzically

I am not sure

but I will know

when I get there


we stood not saying much

then he said “I have miles

to go before I sleep”


I said that sounds familiar

he looked at me smiled and said

yes it should


he continued down the road

I quietly followed him


in about a mile he slowed

searching for something


soon he came to a

small overgrown lane

slowly he turned

disappearing into the



following I turned into

the lane

and came upon

an old cemetery


the old man had vanished


he had found what was beyond

the deep and snowy woods and

the end of the miles


now he could sleep

now he could sleep

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clyde McCulley

Sat 19th Dec 2020 18:22

Thanks Greg for your words. I appreciate the feedback.

Clyde McCulley

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clyde McCulley

Sat 19th Dec 2020 18:21

Thanks Tony, glad you saw the haunting quality in the poem. I am new to poetry writing, so your comment helps.
Thanks again
Clyde McCulley

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Greg Freeman

Fri 18th Dec 2020 17:55

Agreed! Lovely to be reminded of Robert Frost at this time of year. A great poet himself - and the good friend who persuaded Edward Thomas that he could be one, too.

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Tony Hill

Fri 18th Dec 2020 17:29

Really like this, Clyde. There’s a haunting quality to it. Tony

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