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Jimmy Who?

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Jimmy Who?

From a terraced house in Leeds he be

To then make it as a DJ Celebrity

From rags to riches they may say

But in the end he had to pay

A staunch Catholic at heart

Those young folk he tore apart

Accused & contested but never caught

So off to London & a Rolls Royce he bought

Apparently he fixed it for you & me

But did he offer you a tour of his dre...

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A Bedroom to go.

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A Bedroom to Go.......

I rest my tired bones on the posturepedic  pavement, although not quite designed for the human frame, my already aching body moulds itself to the none contours as if laid out prematurely on a mortuary slab.

The cardboard box and flimsy lining of the sleeping bag act as a mattress topper and if only for minute offer me a brief escape into slumber.

I awake numb ...

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I spoke to God today.

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I saw God today, he said hello, I said OK.

Its funny what some people say.

 I said I'm off out with the lads tonight do you want to play,

 Sorry he says I've got to pray.

 Pray for what I said a mans got to play.

For your souls he says you'll find out why some day.

Cool ... I said.

Aint it funny what people say.



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Dancing in the Moonlight

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Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight is an exhilarating kind of thing

Ive done it since I was a little boy it makes me want to sing

Dancing in the moonlight as naked as a the day I was born

It blows away the cobwebs &  I’m certainly not  forlorn

Dancing in the moonlight  in the shade of the old oak tree

You get that exhilarating feeling you get from drinking...

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Alter Ego!

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Alter Ego!

He swims like a fish or is that a brick

He’s running amok & its making me sick.

He fights like a lion & sting like a bee

He  play’s like a cat & barks up the wrong tree.

He’s confused dot com & a CD rom

He’s in regression & back on the Somme.

He’s throwing a party & putting his back out of joint

He  could dance like John Travolta but don...

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I Just Want A Job!

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I Just Want a Job!


A victim of circumstance - I am not

On the industrial landscape – I’m not a blot

I crave opportunity - And the will to live

But in this time of uncertainty - What do I have to give!


There’s passion with intensity

And the willingness to learn

I have the Skills, Knowledge & Attitude

But can’t seem to earn!


I don’t do cigaret...

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New Year

New Year

Its not all about the new and nothing about the old

Its really all about a story that’s always been told.

There’s  laughter and tears to be shed

There’s fire works  & champagne  before any talk of bed.

Its all about us and nothing about them

To worry about the world is far to crazy to pen.


From the loss of loved ones who we held so dear

To the challenge...

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Why is a Body Bag Black?

They talk of reason and the love of God

and the troops out there doing a wonderful job

They've got to be found, there's no turning back

But why is a body bag Black?


He stood on trial for the slaughter of others

They caught up with him and killed his sons and brothers

he fell through a trap door hands tied behind his back

They put him in a body bag, but was it B...

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Life & Stress !

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Life & Stress


I used to go to work each day

I often wore a dress

Some folk thought It was a bit strange

But I know it was just Stress!


They talk of blue sky vision

or would it meet the acid test?

The only training I got was a collision course

They told me it was Stress!



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I miss my Mum.

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1st thing in the morning & last thing at night

There’s no getting over the need for a landing light

I’ve tried self hypnosis & all kinds of beer

But there no getting over that you are not here

The seasons come & the seasons go

But things don’t change as you never show

I have very few memories & 1 photograph

To hold on your hand & feel the vibration of your laugh


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