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Brian Wood

Updated: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 09:41 pm

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A lancashire lad, living in Yorkshire? Grew up on the streets of Werneth, went to the School of Hard Knocks, then onto the University of Life & graduated with full honors.


Why is a body bag Black? They talk of reason and the love of God and the troops out there doing a wonderful job They've got to be found, there's no turning back But why is a body bag Black? He stood on trial for the slaughter of others They caught up with him and killed his sons and brothers he fell through a trap door hands tied behind his back They put him in a body bag, but was it Black? When will the league of nations see sense and stop sitting on the barbed wire fence Lets put some more Tyrants on the rack But this isn't why a body bag is Black! Please stand proud, it was not a sin Be ready to receive your next of kin Dont bury them and turn your back Return to sender that body bag of Black! In Guantanamo bay, receiving the cosh Blair and Bush in election whitewash Don't question the cause its alright Jack But if you still need to know why a body bag is Black! Its because of the war in Iraq! Brian Wood 01/09 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love can move mountains “Apparently” Mountain realignment I’m not so sure But its a well known fact there is no cure Brought about by a simple glance Across the crowded disco floor- you ask for a dance. It blurs your vision & stutters your speech A bum whatever the size looks just like a peach Head over heels you will fall You listen only to them & hear nothing at all. There’s no being told you’ve made up your mind From life long bachelor to the marrying kind. You’ve got to be with them morning, noon & night Just try and stop me-there’s going to be a fight. Your mates tell you-there be plenty of others But its time to be leaving this band of brothers Like its all been planned its the next step in your life Down on one knee-she says yes to being your wife Its now many years since you asked of her name The brothers now joined in this familiar game A nod & a wink & a backwards glance Your back on the dance floor-that’s were you’d be Because love can move mountains “apparently”. Brian Wood 06/09

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Nichola Burrows

Sun 25th Oct 2009 13:15

Brian, thanks for the comments. That beer and ciggie tasted really good :-) x

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