New Year

New Year

Its not all about the new and nothing about the old

Its really all about a story that’s always been told.

There’s  laughter and tears to be shed

There’s fire works  & champagne  before any talk of bed.

Its all about us and nothing about them

To worry about the world is far to crazy to pen.


From the loss of loved ones who we held so dear

To the challenges of things we thought were so clear.

Its the movement of time we cannot stop

So embrace this moment and keep yourself on top.

Lets say our farewells and get ahead of the game

For  tomorrow is a new year & it starts all over again.


Life’s not a roll of the dice or hand full of aces

Its about the people we love & those familiar faces

So throw caution to the wind & let yourself go

Because as the story tells us tomorrow you just never know

So fill up your glasses stand tall & be proud

And join in with me when I say Cheers aloud.

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 31st Dec 2009 19:14

Have a great new year Mr Wood! It's thinking about what will have happened by this time next year that is so exciting, and scary too. This time last year, I could not have predicted so many things that have happened. Mostly good things, whereas last year, it was one really bad thing. So fingers crossed! I approve of your positive poem!

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