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I didn't write as they said,

directed or instructed.

Naturally I was outcasted.

I was not in a hyped review or

Concocted rostrum.

"Just gibberish" they said.

I didn't not mind.

Why should I ?

My words and emotions are

no saleable commodities.

I write for I have to write.

My joys within are my best reviews.


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Just a Teardrop

As if numb with ache.

deep wound within.

Time snickers sitting somewhere.

I got down to the sea

with scars and wound.

The salty waves taught me

a lesson.

I started taming those wounds.

I make little banter with them.

I sleep better now-a-days,

Just a teardrop comes unknowingly.


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Life's Poetry

Whenever I awake in morning

And look through my weedy window,

Life seems to be spoilt prose.

I get down

And go to little garden.

I relish the smell of fresh air.

The scampering squirrel and

the twittering birds awake me twice.

I start humming.

Life seems to compose a poetry again.

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the drakness trickles

over the lawn.

A body rests on couch,

Mind roams like a fawn.


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Baffled by the spurious light,

I started embracing pure darkness.

I hear the whispers,

I hear the clappings.

I feel the pulse of this madding crowd.

I feel the mystery scripted within,

All colours are roaming naked

with lebels.

I am sinking in the unfathomable darkness,

There is no lie,no hoax no adulterated joy..

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I know..

I know the clappings you give

are none but a trick

A trick to stick to the hard and fast system

You are afraid to vomit or swallow properly

Yet you like suffering from irreparable digestion.

You adore to be remain a hungry mendicant

Your hands are itching

Your each and every vein carries

the blood of moral sycophant.

Your nerves parrot after the crazy milieu

You have ...

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Flea Market

In this flea market

fake emotions sometime turn us blind.

sometimes body is sold,

Sometimes mind.

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No Battle at all..

entry picture

No battle at all,

No fight,

Just kissing the lonely sky

Like a tattered kite.

Life is now at the grace of time.

Who were we?

And who held the thread ?

Each and every kite falls one day,

making the flight sublime.

I know not

 is it the rule or merely a consolation ?

Life sometimes gets vengeful

Putting us into cage of desolation.


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Fading fast...

Fast fading,fast fading,

Light and darkness mixed up in cocktail,

Masks jeer at face,

How can beauty hide under polished nail?

In the golden cage,

Souls feel suffocation,

Lets join the flea-market

Bask in the concocted distinction.

Fast fading,fast fading all the divine gifts.

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Give Me Word

Tedious are the ways,

Growing old with you Sun,

Burning now and then,

Still the voice haunts me "run,run".

Life is becoming stale,

Coloured wings growing pale.

I feel death when i awake,

I need sustenance to revive,

Give my burning heart

Heavy with the fragrance of life.

I want to write,I want back my thousands wings,

Bury the desires of life

that making me cowa...

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The leaves of relationship

starts to fall.

Lost in the labyrinth of time,

In the carnival of show off

I found myself sticking to wall.

The wick of bonding 

is at the mercy  of petty conjunctions

Nowadays callousness in relation hurts much more than betrayal in relation.

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on my painful way,

i stumble and stumble,

I wake and see the starry sky,

I laugh or grumble.

and every time I groan,

Yet I walk and walk,

still I'm in maze,

wheather I have a home..

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In Praise of Your Glance

entry picture

when you come thousand flowers bloom,

the gentle breeze plays the most beatiful note,

then my hearts forgets all gloom,

and the joyous lyrics begins to float.

the sky pours fourth bliss endless,

I lost in your beautiful glance,

your presence endow me with devine grace.

my desolate heart starts to dance.

your words are the most sonorous strain,

even the muse will lost,


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"WE" and..

The hunger striken faces

the torn clothes,

the dying shanties,

the dusty narrow lanes,

are sobbing.

The identityless buds are searching the

diamonds of livelihood in dustbins.

our fashionable outfits steer clear

from those demasked flowers.

Can our concocted emotions and

glamourous sympathy hide us?

The oppressed are being made each day

just to showcase our galv...

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Gift Me a Rainy Day

entry picture

Turning over the album of life

I find you drenching in a rainy day.

Raindrops trickled down your locks.

your captivating eyes mesmarised

all around us.

The fawn like wind seemed to

touch you on and on.

I dipped in the canyon of you lips

I lost in the abyss of bliss!

The rain seemed to be jealous.

The aroma of your body

made the time intoxicated !

The next pages ...

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Camera On...

The smell of burnt blood,

The showcase of corpse,

Hunger,pain and oppression,


Lascivious life of multiplex.


Grey faces smile with dejection.

Humanity is being strangled

by the shadowy hands,

Jack-o'-lantern we are all,

sinking day by day

In the quicksand.

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An Ache

When the beauty of poetry

is measured  in balance of

callous "like" ,

I ache.

And who am "I"?

I am merely an ardent devotee of poetry.

Thats all I know.

People scorn,pity..

I know,I have seen.

Yet I ache.

Don't you?


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A Question

entry picture

"Rip off your mask" I said

she cackled

And said "Which one ?"

Silence the night was,

save the hooting of an owl.

And the whistle of chill wind.

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Sitting over the debris of love

and life,

I am looking for scattered moments

with the shovel of love.

I know not  it is insanity or not !

Whenever I try to make walls

with the cement of hatred,

your wink dissolves them all.

I know not who surpasses other

in folly.

May be you or I

or the necromancer love itself.

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entry picture

enveloped by the sombre fog,

coming ways seem a cog,

sitting beside the mystical window,

there I see the passing of shadow.

Retreating towards the days of bondage,

the icy stagnant moment,

reeling over the amorous foilage.

The envy of ecstasy,

ferny murky impalpable future,

haunted by the time's prophesy.

Then comes the frail halos,

born of the breath of wizened su...

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So I write

entry picture


My pen is no way obliged to cheap fame,

I write for I have to write.

My struggle is no way a shame,

I am awake forever for I have to fight.

My words are no way adulterated

with fake emotion,

I write for my soul makes me restless,

without striving callous attention.

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The sky breaks in the border,

The lifeless walls are accused of partiality,

A life is being scrutinized under a  microscope.

People throng in the butcher shop,

This budget also defense ministry gets higher allocation,

ah!sleeping pills are getting cheaper.

We are flourishing indeed,

People bask in the exhibition of oppression,

Wherever you look you can hear

the snicker o...

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entry picture

I have felt the ruinous touch of time,


Many a times i am traumatized

By the facny of life,

Ya Life for sure.

I am in a trance to never awake,

the ripples touch my feet

I am in Lithe

numb in the lap of hyacinth..

I fell the every rhythm of my pulse

May not....

The tapestry keeps folding and unfolding

over and anon.

I'm lost in the riddle -

Have  I ...

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The devil snickers,

Cruelty all around.

Humanity has gone into hibernation.

No rhythm

Save diabolical sound.

All humane feelings are sinking deep

into quicksand of greed,

There is no face only mask,

Human heart is getting wrapped in

colourful weed.

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Wounds are sleeping here

entry picture

Silence please,

Here the wounds are in sleep slumber,

I made them sleep singing

a lullaby of life.

all pains are safe in the casket,

They are fine with me.

Dont prick them.

I have been learning to

tame all sorrows.

The new moon will go,

I konw,

I may not be there,

But you can see

how beautiful a night is !

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Life Goes On

entry picture

Everday we live and die,

die and live.

Every day is a year 

Every year is day.

Mourn not ,mourn not

Live your life in a day

or live your day in life.

The gamble is on,

we are walking on footprints of 

our fate,

living in the mercy of a hunter

like a agile fawn.

Yesterday sinks into today,

Tomorrow engulfs today.

Some stories are read

Some are lost in ob...

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Bloom My Love

entry picture

Like the petals opens up

And be a flower 

Spreading bliss,

Oh!dear open your lips,

I wanna kiss.

Let us lost in the labyrinths

forever and ever,

Our earth is decaying first

Let us love now or never.

I am withered feather,

Tossing in the lap of air,

Hide me your bosom,

Love me o dear.

Let your touch play piano

on my dropping thoughts,

Let your glance las...

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Open Market

entry picture

Its an open market

Everything is sold here -

Love,hatred and care.

We are all commodities

Here your every smile can get

a good fare.

greed , violence and sex

are sold at a high price.

Its a handy chance

to be fit on the moden paradise.

Some hamane outlets 

are on the way to be bankrupted,

One step before gettinng ultra modern,

Make haste to be corrupted.

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Bundled with the drudgery of life,

Dreams are getting gloomy

day by day.

Walking over the sharp knife

reached at bay.

Our pure laughter,cries have reduced

to a microscopic size,

Our feelings are concoted

Love has become a compromise.

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Sweet Wound

entry picture

My painful days

are solely mine.

Your love embalmed the pangs

making my tears sublime.

When the paths turned back

You gave me shade,

When the words left me alone

You didn't let me to fade.

Oh!time ,Oh!days

You left me deserted 

In the cage of hour,

I was numb for long,

Waking I found 

My wounds turned into flowers.

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You stink ..

Don't you!

the dirt you have sodden with

can not be cleaned.

Your greed,your vanity and 

Your lustrous eyes!

is eating up our identity day by day.

We are getting burdened

Day by day...

You hand is tinged with black,red..

We are helpless


I know you are suffocated,

Ask you heart.

You are going deep  in the abyss of bog,

the bog yo...

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I was at daggers drawn with my enemy

I was mad at defeating him,

So,a weapon I needed,

a weapon uncommon

that would make him bite the dust.

Hatred made me furious,

restless and an alien.

One day I saw my mother in dream,

I was in her lap and

She was ruffling my hair

And I was red in anger.

She was just adoring me.

Next day I went to my enemy

with a bouquet,


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The Unfading You

entry picture

I know the melody that runs within,

flooding over the arid land,

I know the whispers that left her footsteps,

Making one after another castles of sand.

Oh Time ! I feel your Snickers 

that haunts me day and night,

Yet the touch never fades 

Nerver fades her first sight.

I can't my sell my love

In the balance of her refusal

What I got is a treasure unending,

You liv...

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Written In a moment of Crisis

entry picture

Who am I ?

A vagrant,a poor,an unemployed youth?-

as you say .

Possibly not.

My lines are my identity

My pen is my weapon

to rip off the cobwebs .

And your love is the

the unending wealth,

a blessing forever.

No crown,no kingdom I have for sure,

But I have the purest

feelings of your heart which

fades not like the rusty sceptre.

Yes,I am poet as you know,


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entry picture

Once you gave a toast of
Your tender heart.
We lost in the abyss of
of divine bliss.
Time went on
ripples after ripples.
Your heart got black.
I felt sting of your kiss.
The meadows have 
turned into desert.
Now you've gifted me abhor,
with much care and love.
I don't exist more
living like a camphor..

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Heart Roast

entry picture

Morning to night,
I can hear the sight of boast,
Morning to night,
I can feel my heart roast.
Your winks pinching me off and on,
I cant sit or stand,
You words sometimes set me ablaze,
I find myself in a deserted land.
Day and night
I am facing the same fight
In my dream you become the host,
And wake i smell the heart roast.

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