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Should i

As im sitting here trying to fall asleep 
I cant help but to constantly think
Of you and all your lies 
How you confide and cheat
How could I of been so dumb to love someone like you 
Not a man
Not a human 
Not a safe haven 
Who are you ?
How could you let me give you all that I ever had?
While you left me wanting more like the end of a chip bag!
How dare you try to tell me that youll a...

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My heart it hurts

Bleeding thru my body 

All of the pain builds up 

then comes tumbling down like karate

Left right up and down

For so many years ive hid my frown

Fear instilled upon the weak

many die too many blows to thier cheeks

my past mistakes regrets and hurts follow me around

permanent footprints in the ground

My tears hold value and make a trail

They flood ...

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Im sorry

Painful words thrown at my plate. 

Painful words filled with hate. 

No i love yous, i love you too. 

Everything i do bothers you. 

Time heals all wounds. 

Yet my heart was broken way to soon. 

Cant seem to find the way to tell you 

that your breaking me down it feels like hells soon to become.

my life. my world. my thoughts. 


I cannot find it in me to forgive y...

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I run my fastest

But still get beat.

I land on my head

When I should be on my feet.

I try to move forward

But I am stuck in rewind.

Why do I keep at it?

I wont be left behind. 

The harder I am thrown 

The higher I bounce. 

I give it my all

and thats all that counts. 

In first place

Myself, I seldom find. 

So I push to the limit

I wont be left behind. 


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10 Down to 1


Shaky fingesr slide over my 


New wounds and my 


Scars of hatred, with 


Pills. I long my


Horrible hours of


Screaming death wishes and


Shots to my head would make


Tears fall down from my


Eyes, hurting me still!


More day and I would of been swept away. 

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This Place That We Call Earth

This Place That We Call Earth


Have you ever seen a grown man cry?

Have you ever seen someone homeless ask you why?

Have you ever looked in the eyes of a child?

Have you ever seen a kid run and hide?

So many people in this world have so much FEAR instilled in them.

Constantly always going for the win.

Have you ever taken the time out from your life to wonder why?

Have y...

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left behindWho are You

What is an alcoholic?

What is an alcoholic?

When I was 2 you were all I knew

I had no idea what the bubbly juice was

But I knew it was good and it came from you

At 3 I can only remember seeing you hyper

Never understood your words were you speaking proper?

I don’t know what happened but mommy had to go

Now im just left here no soul 3 years old.

Grandma and Grandpa are extremely nice

Spent 10 ...

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